October 7, 2012

IVF #1, Day 9 , 10/7/12

What a Sunday...

I slept in, again, just a bit.  I woke up with another headache.  I was asked to cook breakfast, so I did (I enjoy cooking for my loves —especially when it's an easy request.).  I made chorizo with egg and toast on the side.  Chris and I sat to enjoy that, while watching tv.  KJ had already eaten, so we had some quiet time, to ourselves downstairs, while she played up in her room. 

I felt super bloated all day and I just felt drained.  Later, KJ's friend came over to play for a few hours and I continued to lay on the couch.  Out of nowhere, I got energy!  I got up and started cleaning and doing laundry.  *Chris had gotten up to cut the front lawn —but the mower didn't work so we are still stuck with the creepy, nasty, lawn.  :(

Chris had to go run some errands (new car battery because his died yesterday, spark plug for the mower —in hopes to get it working, and some groceries for the week —yes, he is awesome and is always happy to make the grocery run!!) and took KJ with him.  I might not have given him much of a choice, which I feel a little bad about.  He was ready to  walk out the door (I think he was dealing with some moods from, honestly, I have no idea... maybe he had his breaking point?  He's been my strength and encouragement all these days and I wonder if he is just as exhausted...) and I just blurted out "you gonna invite Kryssa?!"  It probably came out more as a demand rather than a question.  I didn't mean it that way.  I was just really hoping he was going to invite her out of the house so that I could rest and not have to send her off with him. 

They were gone for hours and in that time, I had laid down, watched some tv, and then decided to read my nook... and out of nowhere, I got nauseated and another migraine started.  :(  The only thing that has really been bothersome, so far, with the injections, have been the many many migraines, the few episodes of nausea, and the never ending bloating and endo pain.  Not as bad as I thought though.  I'm surprisingly less emotional on these meds than I was while taking the three pills of birth control, daily.  I thought these meds were going to mess more with my moods.  Thank God that they didn't or else I don't know how I would be handling the other side effects.

I read until I couldn't keep my eyes open.  I was soooo extremely sleepy.  I figured closing my eyes and resting for a short while might possibly help how I felt.  A short while turned into 45 minutes!  wow.  I opened my eyes and thought "oh, I probably only slept for four or five minutes..." I checked my phone and saw that 45 mins had passed!  I still didn't feel any better.  How sad.  The nausea was so much worse and I just wanted to go upstairs and sleep until morning —but I couldn't.  I still had injections due within the next few hours.  I sent a text to Chris asking him how he would feel if I just did it all myself tonight (I don't want to take away his part in this journey, which, for now, are giving me the injections) —I explained how I was feeling and that I just wanted to get the injections over with so I could go to bed already.  He immediately sent a text, "I'm coming home now".  I was so relieved and touched that he would come home, literally, as soon as he heard that I still wasn't feeling well and that it had, unfortunately, even gotten worse.

I  was forced to get up to tinkle (if I let my bladder fill up too much, I deal with 30-45 mins of regrets because it causes a painful endo episode!).  I looked around the house and saw a few things here and there that I could clean up, while Chris was on his way home.  A few minutes later I saw them pulling into the drive way.  I knew I could slowly help bring some groceries from the car.  To my surprise, as I stepped out on the porch, to help, he was walking up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!  He said some very kind words of encouragement —along the lines of "these are for you . . . for all that you've gone through and will go through . . . to encourage you and remind you that you're doing great..."  Yes, I cried.  And then KJ came in for a group hug.  hee hee

My hunny . . . what perfect timing.  It's amazing how a loving act of kindness can help one feel so much better!  The evening went on much better than the day had.  Moods were happier and more helpful/loving towards one another.  ...and then it was time for injections...boooo.

I decided to try them all by myself tonight.  Chris was still right beside me, for moral support.  Oh, and KJ was right by my side too.  :)  When I got through all three, I was so proud of myself again.  I can't believe I've been able to give myself injections.  It's incredible!  (but I still haven't been able to watch my blood get drawn, at my routine labs. haha.)

I have another appointment tomorrow.  Hopefully we will find out our retrieval date and see some beautiful, enlarged, follicle-filled, ovaries!

Almost to the halfway mark...

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