March 24, 2012

His acts of kindness

Yesterday, Chris had to go in to work for a few hours, on his "day off". Yet, he still took my car and got an oil change, took the car to Brake Check for maintenance, took off my old family stickers, and put on my new ones (he is now a business dad. I am a chef mom. Kj is a cheerleader and we finally added roxy too!)! I thought he did such wonderful things for me yesterday. Little did I know he wasn't done. :)

Today, he drove my car to work again and got it washed and cleaned, inside and out, upholstery included, while he was at work (by a great mobile car wash business!). Then he stopped at the store on his way home, after working 12hrs, to buy some pineapple rings that I needed for dinner. I had called him to let him know I was heading to the store to buy them but he insisted that he would go for me. Once he got home, he showed me all the little surprises he brought home for me ((yay!)): a pretty little car freshener, my favorite moscato cupcake wine, delicious jumbo carrot cake cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing, and my current favorite chocolate covered pretzels with sea salt and caramel ice cream!! Wow!! (good thing I've been able to exercise slowly again!! Lol)

I've shared with him that one 'act of kindness' that truly makes me feel loved and taken care of is when he takes care of my car all on his own -because he knows it needs an oil change or car wash or gas or any kind of maintenance. So, he definitely nailed it...went above and beyond when he came home with the wine and cupcakes. ;) hee hee

I am blessed. I am loved. I am thankful.