October 5, 2012

IVF #1, Day 7: 10/5/12

Wow, what a day!  It started with rushing, through rush-hour traffic —again, to get to my 7:30am appointment.  Seven growing follicles on my right ovary and four on my left.  The largest measured at 12mm.  I had no idea they grow so quickly (two days ago the biggest was almost 8mm)

Dr. B told me to add the Ganirelix injection tonight and that I would need to schedule an appointment for tomorrow morning, just in case my estrogen level came back too high —not sure I really understood what that meant.  I just understood that they want to make sure I don't ovulate before Monday.  I ended up getting a call, later in the day, letting me know that my estrogen level came back just fine and I don't have to go in again until Monday.  By then, we should be able to get an 'egg retrieval' date.

Today was a rough day.  I broke. :(  I had been holding it together for 6 days.  However, today I was an enormous ball of emotions and had a messed up stomach and a horrible migraine —again!! (it was something like the fourth day in a row).  Luckily, my mom happened to have the day off today.  I went over and KJ and I spent most of the day with my parents!  Of course, we went to some stores (and I finally found some super comfy yoga pants that actually fit very well around the bloated belly AND in length, for my short legs —haha!) and then we hung around their house for a bit too.  To top it off, my mom invited KJ to spend the night!  I was able to come home and get a two hour nap —uninterrupted!! (well, besides my hubby calling to check up on me)

Tonight, we were supposed to take advantage of KJ being out of the house.  We had thought on having a nice date night, starting at 8pm or so and going all into the wee hours of the night.  However, my stomach was acting like it had some kind of bug (which it doesn't!); I think it's just the meds.  :(  Needless to say, we stayed home.  I thought it would be a good idea to get my injections over with —that was our "fun" for the night. LOL!  (aside from watching a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory)

I took a HUGE step tonight... I was able to give my own injections!!!  Wow, right?!  For me, it's definitely a HUGE wow!!  Oh, correction, I gave two out of three injections.   I did the Follistim and the Menopur.  The Menopur was horrible to give!!! :(  It hurts so much for some reason.  My hubby probably only takes like 10 seconds  (at most) to empty the syringe into my belly.  However, I, on the other hand, probably took an entire 45 seconds to empty it out into my belly!!! ahhhh!  It was not easy because every time the medicine pinched and burned I would stop and then go super slowly... I'm not sure I want to do that one alone anymore.  Okay, now the new one tonight, was a hilarious moment!  It had a thicker (larger?) needle.  It was still a short one, that goes in the belly.  But it just did not look super thin like the others.  I let Chris do that one because I wanted him to still be a part of it.  I had no idea he was not going to dart it in on the first try!! haha, yup!  He hesitated and started to go in slowly.  It barely poked in and then it just started to push against my skin.  He panicked and pulled it back out!!!  Seriously!! lol!  We exchanged a very interesting look as I told him, very calmly, to just dart it in there.  But... he still went in slowly and it did NOT feel good.  haha it was a thick needle.  He did, however, empty out the syringe in my belly very gently and it didn't hurt one bit.  It felt very strange when he pulled the needle back out.  I don't look forward to having to do this two more times (and then I hope we are done with that one).

So, today was an interesting concoction of emotions and events.  :)  *unfortunately, I've been feeling my hands and feet swelling since about 30 mins after the new injection (Ganirelix).  Not sure if I should call on-call doc or see what happens in the next half hour or so.

Oh, and endo did flare up this evening  (and late last night at bedtime)  :(  —before the injections.

Let's see what tomorrow brings (hopefully no migraine, crazy gurgly stomach, or swelling of my hands or feet)...

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