January 29, 2015

Third pregnancy, fourth baby | Week 7: Pee sticks, nausea, and more pee sticks.

How far along?
7 weeks on 1/27/15

How big is baby?
About the size of a blueberry.  Or about the size of a cuff link.

How am I feeling?
Super excited and still in a huge state of disbelief.

I decided to do what I highly suggest no one do... but I did it anyway.

January 23, 2015

Third pregnancy, fourth baby: SURPRISE!!! 5 weeks 3 days

I had suspicions.  I connected some of what had been going on as "pregnancy symptoms", BUT... I really didn't think I was pregnant.

I always do that.  For all the 4+ years that we focused on ttc, before going through IVF in 2012, everything that I felt was pregnancy related.  ha!  I was so hopeful.  I wanted to be pregnant sooooo badly.  So, of course, any indigestion, headache, cramp, mood swing, or craving, had to be because 'maybe I was pregnant'!  Right?