April 4, 2015

Third pregnancy, fourth baby | Week 16: Pain, sushi, and watermelon.

How far along?
16 weeks on 3/31/15

How big is baby?
About the size of an avocado.  Or almost the size of my iphone 5s.

How am I feeling?
Pretty good!  I've really enjoyed gardening again!  No regular nausea.  Super sleepy, feeling like napping every day (but that's also because the twins still don't really sleep through the night).  

I'm pretty sure I have 'symphysis pubis disfuntion'.  I had excruciating pain while pregnant with the twins, probably started closer to 25/30 weeks though.  This time around, it started around 14/15 weeks.  :(  It's so incredibly painful.  And it correlates with crazy pain in my left hip.  I can still manage to get through my days --as long as I listen to my body and rest when needed.

Oh!  I think I finally experienced my first moment of
'nursing aversion'.  It was crazy.  I felt like I had just drank a full cup of caffeine or something! --like I had little tiny somethings crawling all over my body.  I just couldn't shake it off, even about 20 minutes after I was done nursing.  Very strange! (and it has only happened when I nurse during night time.  Daytime is still pretty normal.)

I have yet to gain.  We'll see what my next appointment shows...

What do I miss?
Sushi and cold sandwiches. 
I'm not a fan of warm sandwiches.  I truly miss being able to just slap together a quick sandwich.  And boy and boy have I been craving sushi!

I also miss enjoying food.  Normally, even during my previous pregnancies, I would really enjoy what I was eating --especially if it was a craving.  Not this time around.  It's so rare that I'll find something super yummy and enjoyable.  (that's probably what has really helped me maintain my weight.)

Mexican food.  French Fries.  Watermelon.  Ice cream (which is really weird because I don't typically enjoy ice cream because of my intolerance to lactose.).  Pizza (which when I get it doesn't even taste good.)

Highlights of the week? 
We got some great sonogram photos!  We hadn't seen our baby since right before 9 weeks.  So, it was a huge difference in what we saw.  It was so wonderful.

Started my progesterone injections, in hopes of preventing preterm labor.  (Surely brings back some memories of IVF and our last pregnancy.  However, these progesterone shots are weekly, vs the daily intramuscular injections that were required with IVF and the last pregnancy.  So, it's not all too bad.  Still leaves me with a super sore spot on my bum, but I'm sure I'll get used to it after a while.

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