October 27, 2010

TTC update

Day 10!  I survived the first round of Clomid.  :)

side effects were manageable; although, I'm not too sure how Chris and KJ felt about dealing with me during the last 16 days...

What I experienced:
On Provera
Super sleepy --as in falling asleep sitting up and NEEDING to nap!, nausea, serious acne ::ugh!::, dizziness, ''the shakes'' --from an anxious nervous feeling, and a nasty pain in the pit of my stomach --not wanting to eat very much because of it (and from the nausea)

Clomid:  headaches (right side of my head only -hurt like a migraine --which I haven't gotten in years.), mood swings (really irritable --could have been from PMS too though so who knows which is worse), random crying (for the most insignificant things I'd see and/or hear!!  -some times, I just ''felt'' a lump in my throat/a need to cry...haha it's been interesting!!, fatigue (not nearly as extreme as the drowsiness during provera), and some serious hot flashes (which reminded me how thankful I am to be off of Lupron!!)

I think my body will get a small experience of 'normalcy' (whatever that means) for the next 11 days or so (except for nerves and anxiety of waiting for day 21 --progesterone check, a.k.a. blood work to see if I ovulated (if the clomid did its job))

11 more days . . .  :D

October 26, 2010

Shame on me?

I tried it and it worked!

Every time I get a knock on my door I figure that I should check in case it's a neighbor or an ''out of the blue'' friend stopping by?  —there seems to always be someone knocking trying to sell or sign us up for something!! ::UGH!!::  So, it makes me think, ''Should I just stay away and peek through a window to check? . . .''  I HATE being so awkward in *my* house!  So, today, I hear a knock, I hear voices (more than one person), I peek out the window (my peep hole is currently covered up by our wreath) and see a briefcase in someone's hand—definitely not a neighbor or friend of mine; so, I yell out, "who is it?" They reply "Hi, Jehovah witnesses." I politely say, "oh, no thank you; Have a nice day." Then they said "okay, thank you" and walked away.  I always felt it would feel so horribly rude --maybe it is but it's MY house and I can't stand opening up my door for solicitors —no, I don't want items, club memberships, subscriptions, or any type of service right now (nor do I want to hand over my money right at the moment that they appear at my door —most want you to do whatever it is it immediately, no website to order at a later date or anything!).  I used to open the door to be polite and then just stand there waiting and waiting for the 'sales pitch'/'intro speech' to be over with just to say, "oh, no thank you..."  However; lately, either I'm just super moody or people's jokes and sense of humor is waaaaay out of date with me (or is it that *I'm* way out of date for the current sense of humor?! haha.)  Well, I finally spoke through the door to avoid opening up my door to a stranger . . . it didn't feel rude, not opening the door . . . Shame on me?

I REALLY need to put a sign out...

October 22, 2010

Back on Clomid today

TTC #2:  6 months and 10 days

Today I took my first dose of clomid for 2010.  I've had mixed feelings for about a week now.  I'm nervous —like it might work or something!  LOL  I mean, I always hope it does; however it hasn't ever worked for us (not worked as in conceived but 'not worked' as in it never got me to ovulate).  I try to stay optimistic with some realism mixed in...

It says there is a chance of weight gain . . . does everything HAVE to say that?  I really don't want to gain anymore weight unless there is a baby growing inside of me!  I make a mental note just about every 5 mins —"stay in control of your emotions . . . be loving . . . be kind . . . it's going to be ok..."  I just remember being on clomid in 2008 made me feel allllll sorts of extreme emotions.  I don't want it to be like that again.  So, I'm trying to psych myself into staying calm and being ok.  :)  We'll see how it works out...ha.

I think I ate something bad yesterday (old food out of my own refrigerator!) and I've been recovering from that since yesterday.  So, it's hard to really tell how the meds make me feel (if anything at all).  I normally try to see how I feel with anything that I am taking.  So far, so good. 

October 8, 2010

Life on Clomid --'Take Two'

I had an appointment with my doc this morning.  Took another pt --negative (which I had already prepared myself for).  Even he said that when he saw me walk in, he thought to himself, "Hey! I hope she's pregnant!!"  So, he was actually empathetic . . . he is a very kind-hearted person.  I love that he is my doc.

Well, I told him I am ready to try clomid again.  He agreed it was time to get back on it.  He said that I will start provera today and then clomid on days 5-9 get my blood work on day 21 and see him 6 wks from today.  I remember the very interesting Clomid lifestyle.  Everything revolves around "what day it is" (first you look forward to day 10 of provera, the last provera pill before you hope to get a cycle.  Then day 1 is a big excitement.  You get excited for day 5, first clomid pill, and for day 9, last clomid pill for that cyle (which you pray is your last one ever!).  Then you hope that day 14 went as planned (ovulation day).  The most anticipated day, for us, has always been, 21 --the day you go in to get your blood drawn to check if you actually ovulated (last time I never ever did.  But I'm praying for different results this time around!).  After you get your results (normally the next business day or so) -if it shows you ovulated then you wait ANOTHER week to take a hpt.  if it showed you didn't ovulate, then you just start alllll over again.  That's one way to look back at your life and wonder where it all went --so busy charting everything and looking forward to all these different days, you can forget how to enjoy each and every day you are given with the family you are blessed with.  I think, since I've already excperienced some life on Clomid, that I'm ready to stay focused differently through it all.

This time, however, the doc says that we will "tackle" it.  We have to start off slowly --we can't just start back up where we left off (we were about to triple the dose).  But instead of several rounds of a single dose, and then several rounds of a double does, he said that we will do one round of single --if that doesn't work we will double the 2nd round and if that doesn't work we will triple the next round and so forth.  Now, I don't know how many times we will be adding up doses because I do know that that higher the dose the higher the chances for multiples... *I did used to pray for twins --since I was 6 years old . . . all the way to . . . now ::blush:: --call me crazy, that's okay ;)  After trying clomid, if it is unsuccessful, he said he would refer me to a local fertility clinic to start IVF (we found out our insurance covers up to a certain amount --so we at least aren't limited to just clomid).  I'm praying that 'plan B' (clomid) will be enough to conceive . . . hopefully still in 2010.  If not this year, then God willing, at least in 2011.  :)

So, when I called Chris, I basically warned him . . . here comes the "crazy"! lol  I remember how nuts the whirlwind of hormones made me feel.  I think I at least know what to expect a bit more this time though --plus, maybe the "crazy" from Lupron is nothing compared to the "crazy" of Clomid...  I'll try to blog updates for anyone interested.  :)

Happy FRIDAY!!