May 25, 2009

boom shackalacka...

So, Chris is snoozing . . .

(he's going to be soooo mad when he sees this pic!! lol **sorry babe, I just felt like using my photobooth...**)

and I'm up playing w/ my new toy/gadget/ Kodak Zi6.

(took off my glasses to get rid of the glare)

It was a tie between the Flip UltraHD and the Kodak Zi6. Seeing how the Kodak was $50 less and it came w/ 4 rechargeable batteries and the charger, two cases, a mini tripod, and hdmi and reg input/output cables . . . . and on top of all that it DOES have capabilities for a memory card. I bought the Kodak and an 8G sd card -for now.

I have 30 days from 5/24/09 to play around with it and see if it's the best buy. I've been reading review after review after review between the Zi6 and the UltraHD. I've already had some serious fun. :D

This is the first time I use iMovie . . . Oh, but I forgot to upload it in HD. Duh! The whole reason for having an HD recorder -lol! Oh well. It's late and I'm actually finally tired. So, here's what I made tonight...let me know if you laughed or yawned. ;)

May 20, 2009

typical day?

So today's a full work day. lol a Full 4 hrs!! lol Okay, well, what I mean by "full" is that I have to have both myself and Kryssa clean, dressed, ready, in the car, pulling out of the garage by 2:10 (the latest), to be at work by 2:45pm. I'm scheduled to stay until 6:45pm but that's only if kids don't get picked up by 6:30pm --or if I need to wrap up work at the front desk...

I'm hoping to get out right at 6:30pm so that I can get over to, I don't even know what theater, I think Silverado, maybe Palladium, to see the premier of Dance Flick!! It starts at 7:30pm. So, I'm really really really hoping that getting there by 6:45pm, if it's Palladium, or 6:55/7pm, if it's Silverado, will allow me a good enough spot in line -or to get cutsies- w/ Chris and our friends, that should already be there by the time I get there...

I've been waiting for it to come out but I prob. wouldn't have paid to see such a ridiculous movie. I know I would have been first in line to rent it for free w/ a free movie code! lol. That is why I'm really hoping to make it on time today, after work. I think the only reason I really care to see the movie is because Chris and I, since we first started dating, have watched most of the dance movies that will be made fun of in this movie ---Save the Last Dance is a big one for us (we seceretly LOVE that movie!!! lol --it was one of our "most favoritest" movies from when we were dating...corny, I know.) ;)

Oh, and last but not least. I came across this video today and thought to share and see what you think. It's an interesting couple (two-man band, so it's said of them). I like the concept of taking/making music EVERYWHERE!!! ;) Very Very FUN...

Matt & Kim, "Daylight" from Benjamin Technology on Vimeo.

May 19, 2009

My love for Etsy

If you haven't already, you MUST discover the wonderful items on! Really, take some time and browse browse browse. I could find millions of things I want on that site. I love the prices --super reasonable. The shipping --unbelievably reasonable. The best part --knowing that it's someone's business. It's nothing like walking into a store and purchasing something that was shipped from who knows where and created piece by piece by machines and who knows who . . .

Everything is so unique. Oh, Etsy, I've loved you from hello. (super corny I know. But I really can't get enough of it --now, if only I had the money to spend on what I want . . . lol)

What got me hooked!
I love 'em and I want 'em.
*soon little cupcakes . . . you'll be all mine! Bwuahahahahaha.*

Kryssa, is obsessed w/ soap. Seriously. She wasted a whole 1/4 of a bottle of hand soap last night and about 2 inches of my wonderful Bath & Body Works antibacterial hands soap! :( She had her consequences and said she understood not to do it again. Yet, here she came, a few mins ago saying that she likes her hands "creamy". I look at them and they still have a thick layer of soap. I tell her to go rinse it off so it doesn't get in her eye. She comes back and says "mom, they're still creamy." I look at them and they are creamier than the time before; so I ask if she put more soap instead of just rinsing them off. She admits to it and I reminded her NOT to play w/ the soap, not to waste it and to JUST rinse them --"NO MORE SOAP!" Geez!!! lol. I thought she learned her lesson last night.

I guess it's better than just not washing her hands --or not using soap period. I don't know.

I braided little french braids, one on left, one on the right (like piggy tails, I guess). Too bad I can't find my camera. She looks so cute in her little summer dress and braids. it was like torture for her -to sit there and let me braid her hair. If I tugged just a centimeter, she cried and said "you're hurting me. Why you always hurting me Mom?!" lol. I suppose that keeping her hair short for most of her life created this sensitive head syndrome --I can't even brush her hair these days!! I'm soooo ready to just cut it off again (less tangles, no crying, a clippy and viola!).

I think I'm finally enjoying my day off today. Too bad today is the day that I have to be there for the meeting . . . waaaaah!

Mother's Day weekend

Well, if I may brag a bit . . . hee hee ;)
The training I attended in Marble Falls turned out to be one of the best 'rewards' for me EVER (in a job setting). There was an award ceremony and I was totally clueless to what it was about. I was thinking to myself, "award ceremony? We don't even know each other. How would you give out awards? Based on what?!" Then I hear the nomination letters being read aloud -written by the Unit Directors, our Bosses! So, then I hear this being read:

"This person has stepped up to the plate on several occasions. She was hired as a youth leader in September and has moved her way up the ranks at the club. She has adjusted to her new role without complaints and has taken the initiative on helping the club become a better place for the kids by starting a volunteer program, finding new ways to make the curriculum exciting, and so on. Everyday when she is interacting with the kids you can see her passion, hard work, and dedication show through. Thank you Michelle Mayfield from The Texas Hill Country!"

I couldn't believe it.  I was totally shocked. The other people that received awards had been there for 2, 5, 10 years, etc.! I've only been there 8 months! . . . I was and still am totally grateful to God! This happened just days after my last blog -where I expressed that I knew God wouldn't give me more than I could handle and how even through all the stress and "overwhelmingness" (yes I know it's not a word. lol) I still loved what I did and I knew that it was well worth it . . . This day and my' award' --oh I forgot to mention that it is an "MVP" award, hee hee (Most Valuable Professional) from The Professional Association of The Boys and Girls Clubs of America!!(I wonder if that really even means something . . . sounds like it though.  lol) :D So, that day, receiving the award, hearing the nomination letter that my UD submitted, and finding out that I was picked out of the 3 clubs of The Texas Hill Country (there's Boerne, Comfort, and Fredericksburg) ---it totally made everything alllll worth it and I saw how God is carrying me through and blessing me along the way. It just "feels" rewarding.  :)  When we went up to receive our award, we took a photo, shaking hands, w/ the South/Southwest regional director and the picture and an article will be published in the newspaper (probably in Fredericksburg since it's our main office of the Texas Hill Country organization). What an eventful day. It was a great start for Mother's Day weekend! ha ha ;)

Oh wait, Friday is what really kicked off Mother's Day weekend for me (yes, we get a whole weekend in our household!! every celebration is always more than just one day...). I was getting ready for work --after working crazy hours here at home. I was soooo overwhelmed and stressed about the deadline that day and then the door bell rings. I had thought of ignoring it, to finish getting my stuff done, and maybe they would just go away! lol. Yes, I do that because if I'm not expecting anyone, then it's no one NOT selling anything -normally. I figure that if it's important they would continue to ring the bell. BUT I decide to go down and look out the window first --I see a FedEx truck...

I excitedly open the door -FedEx means a package of some sort. Everyone LOVES to receive packages!! *except when they are printer ink cartridges!! lol. I've gotten all excited before and then opened up ink cartridges!! lol* Well, the carrier was already back in the truck but on the porch, behind our chair, I see a 1-800-FLOWERS box . . . :D

I automatically assume they are from my FIL because he has been known to have flowers delivered to me. Well, I read the note and tears rolled down when I get to the part "we love you with all our heart Chris and Kryssa"

It was a dozen and a half of beautiful pink and white roses!! Oh, so beautiful! That's what I love about receiving flowers from Chris --he doesn't do it too often (at all) so when I do get flowers from him, they are soooo beautiful and totally unexpected. They are always different and presented to me in a special way, each time.

Then there was Sat (already mentioned above). Saturday evening, when I got back to SA, I met Chris, Kryssa and Poppa (my FIL) at The Cheesecake Factory. It was a Mother's Day celebration from Poppa. :) Oh, and it was yummy! The wait was 75 mins though!! lol -due to graduation, prom, and mother's day. But it was a nice celebration dinner. Oh, and he gave me some of my favorite chocolates, Godiva Truffles!! :p

I got my wish of sleeping in! hee hee I was super duper duper tired from saturday -getting only 3.5 hrs of sleep, waking up at 4am and not going to sleep until after midnight- so I needed some good rest.

While I was sleeping, Chris and Kryssa were working on a Mother's Day project. She excitedly woke me up telling me that she had a surprise for me downstairs "come and see Mom!" After several times of Kryssa coming and waking me up -I got up and did my usual morning routine to start my day. Kryssa then had me close my eyes --I was a bit concerned going down the stairs w/ my eyes closed but I told her to go slowly (she was holding my hand) and to let me know when I got to the very very last step. I made it down safely and she tells me "okay, keep walking, keep walking . . . stop! Look down but don't open your eyes . . . okay, open them . . . SURPRISE!!!" It was soooo cute how she did it and I open my eyes to the cutest little yellow w/ white polka dots flower pot w/ dirt (no flowers) and a wooden heart on a stick --she painted the stick green and the heart red and on the heart she wrote "#1 [which really looks like a 7 -hee hee] Mom" and the year. I LOVE it!!! :D Chris then tells me that Kryssa did it all on her own -she painted everything, wrote everything, filled the pot w/ soil, planted 5 flower seeds, and watered it for me. Oh, it is the BEST EVER!!!! I LOVE that she is able to really make things on her own now . . . it's what Mother's Day is all about for me (Kryssa doing something special on her own for me). now don't get me wrong. I loved the coach purse and wrist purse I got last year -w/ fav. movies and flowers, and the photo book Chris made for me -of me and Kryssa- a few years ago . . . .BUT to see what Kryssa can do all on her own and see how excited she is to have a surprise for me -it's the BEST!! :D (oh, and she actually kept it a surprise!! hee hee There were several times during dinner on sat that she almost spilled the beans. lol She did great! and so did my wonderful husband!)

Later that day we went to my Mom's to visit w/ Mom, Dad, Albertina and Jo! :D It was so nice being together again! :D My sis and I w/ our 'baby girls' and our parents (and Chris too of course, hee hee). *we exchanged gifts, ate yummy cake that my sis made, and stayed entertained w/ Jo and Kryssa!*

A very memorable Mother's day. I soooo look forward to Father's Day ;) !!

*oh, I would post pics but I haven't found my camera since Mother's Day :( I really really really hope I just misplaced it or left it at mom and dad's . . . I will be soooo very sad if I lost it only because I didn't get a chance to upload the pics of the good times at mom and dad's that day :(

We are here! We are here! We are here! (from Horton Hears A Who)

It's been so long. My fingers want to just dance along the keyboard, typing two hundred wpm!!! So, since the last blog, I have tackled 4 of my deadlines/meetings/trainings --I have . . . oh, my bad, make that 5! :D I only have tonight's meeting, Thursday night's meeting, and a Friday mandatory staff day for cleaning, prepping, and then at night we met at D&B's for a Team training event!! June 1st is our first day of summer camp. So, there's still a lot going on --but it's almost smoothing out, I think! lol This will be my first summer w/ them so I have no idea what's about to start!! ha ha!

I was off yesterday; except for the fact that I worked a full 5 hrs from my dining table! :( I was supposed to be off . . . off from on-site hrs but not from a deadline. Today, I'm also off from on-site but have to be in at 6:45pm for a Summer Orientation that starts at 7pm. Yay! I get to introduce myself to all of our summer parents... (yes, a bit of sarcasm)

It's unfortunate that I've been working so much lately because I didn't even know what to do yesterday . . . besides figure out a plan to get laundry done. Same I am blogging and getting laundry done. Even Kryssa has been asking why we aren't going to work! ha! She's so used to our work schedule that it is just as strange to her to stay home. I told Chris yesterday "I wasn't home cause I was sick . . . just because I was off. I don't even know what to do. How sad!"

Our weekend was great! :D Saturday, Kryssa got to dress up in her 'dress up' attire: princess dress, high heels and pearls!! hee hee She attended a Princess Tea Party for her best friend's 5th bday party. It was sooo super cute to see everyone all dressed up in heels and make up (which I totally forgot to do!! I'm not used to putting make up on her --she actually normally does it all on her own. So, it didn't cross my mind until I saw the others...) Then Kryssa and I took the bday girl to Build A Bear. I had a blast!! They were so cute picking out their teddy bears and deciding on clothes, etc . . . they made best friend bears (each bear has two hearts, from both of the best friends! So, now even the bears are BFFs!! haha)

Sunday, I had to, once again, work from home . . . BUT Chris installed our new sink and faucet!!! :D Our kitchen looks great!! It's 8 1/4" deep, double, but one side is standard and one side is longer. So there is plenty of space for bake ware, pots and pans, etc.!! Plus our new hardware has a detachable faucet head that is the sprayer . . . it has a button to switch from faucet spout to spray mode and it also has a built in soap dispenser on the side of the sink. We LOVE it!! I'm so proud of Chris for being my super sexy handy man!! ;) hee hee (he's working his way up: first it was door hardware then light fixtures and ceiling fans. Then in ground sprinklers, furniture and garage door openers . . . now sinks, plumbing, and faucets!! Woohooo!!)

Laundry, I hear you . . . I must free you from the cramped laundry bins and let your cleanliness shine on hangers and in drawers. Same for you, stinky, dirty, laundry . . . time to freshen you up and let you join in on the clean fun... yes, I'm coming to rescue you ...

May 6, 2009

The sad and crazy truth

I'm having a very hard time being okay w/ myself right now (lately). I'm so torn w/ work and me. I've never been one to neglect my life because of work. One because I'm big on family time and "it's not about having time but MAKING time". and Two because, honestly, I've never worked like this -aside from ministry work-!!

I've normally had 'jobs' where I just clock in and clock out and anything outside of that time is MY time. When I had my home daycare, I did find myself shopping and planning things outside of my actual work hours -but nothing like last week and this week and the weeks to come...

I want to visit my parents and not just call when I need childcare -but every minute I have, I really have work to do. [like right now . . . I really really should be working!] But I find myself making myself take just a few minutes here and there to myself because before I know it I feel trapped and jailed in w/ work! :(

I LOVE what I do and I am enjoying the actual tasks itself --I'm just really having a hard time w/ being a mom (and being available for her right now that she's not in school), a friend, a wife, etc. I mean, Chris just goes to bed to give me quite work time . . . then I just cuddle up w/ him when I finally crawl into bed. I know it won't always be like this but I really wish I can just snap my fingers and be at the end of this particular road.

My house is a mess again. I actually miss doing housework. When I am working, I'm wishing I could be folding, sorting, and washing laundry instead. But if I take the time to work on the house, I feel guilty and overwhelmed thinking about deadlines.

I know that God won't give me more than I can handle. I am loving every single day. I love the fact that I have these opportunities at home and at work --that I am trusted enough and respected for my leadership skills and ideas to work on starting a volunteer program and work on summer curriculum. AND when I prayed about whether or not this recent 'new job offer' (for August) was meant for me or not, I also asked God to challenge me and make me a multi-tasker, a diligent, efficient, and organized working mom --I asked for the opportunities to strengthen what I am already capable of doing and fine tune my mind set for a successful future as a "business woman", mother, wife, etc . . . I can see how God is definitely answering my prayers!! ha! ;)

I know I can handle it --but change is definitely tough to adjust to at times.

So, I have a deadline on Friday, an all day training -in Marble Falls, Tx- on Sat., Mother's Day to enjoy on Sunday, late trainings on the 12th and 13th -in Boerne, Tx- (won't be home till about 10pm), another deadline on the 13th, a bday girl to visit on the 13th ;), and then another 6 more meetings/trainings to tackle all before June 1st! phew! I'm excited, overwhelmed, and exhausted all in just thinking bout it all...

So, I might have a blog or two here and there in the next few weeks. But more than likely not even close to how I have been blogging . . . I'll be missing my little cozy spot --but accomplishing a lot!! :D woohoo.

May 1, 2009

(in song) "Oh, what a beautiful morning..."

Oh, what a beautiful day.
I've got a beautiful feelin'
Everything's goin' my way.

What a wonderful way to start a day:
alarm goes off. Chris wakes me up to iron the shirt I said I would. I lay back down. Chris runs out of the bathroom panicking about needing a plunger. I tell him to check the other bathrooms. He still never found it. I peel my eyes open and make my way to iron his work shirt. I get done. I decide to stay awake. I swoosh open my curtains to let the morning light in. I open my blinds. I look out the window to get a good look at morning. A huge chunk of our tree is ripped off. I . . . "WHAT?! A huge chunk of our tree is laying on the ground. How?! Did it hit our house?! Did it land on anything that could get ruined?"

I go tell Chris and he nonchalantly says "yeah, it could happen. We had strong winds; I saw pics of trees like that on the news." So, I think, "maybe he didn't hear me correctly." So, I repeat, "A huge chunk IS on the ground." Then I realize that he just really isn't amused by the news.

When he finally makes his way back to our bedroom, he peers out the window and finally remarks, what I expected, "OH WOW!" (haha, "Exactly." is what I was thinking.)

We kiss goodbye. I brush my teeth. I unclogged the toilet. I walk down stairs. I wait for my coffee.

Oh, what a beautiful Mornin'
Oh, what a beautiful day.
I've got a beautiful feelin'
Everything's goin' my way.

lol. Hey, so I'm an optimist, okay? ;)