October 14, 2012

IVF #1, Day 15: two days post retrieval

Not much happened today.

I rested all day. Laid on couch and watched tv, read my nook, took a nap. I went upstairs to lay in bed, watch some shows on Hulu Plus, read some more. I came down later for dinner and family time.

My lower back is still recovering. And my uterus and ovaries are still achy when I laugh. :( I wonder just how much pushing around they had to do, to get to my left ovary. It really aggravated my insides.

Tonight's meds: progesterone injection, doxycycline, and medrol.

Hubby and I are currently laying down, in the living room, watching Hunger games (again! Haha). *im blogging on my iPhone.

We are super anxious to get the 2nd update, tomorrow, about our embryos!! I'm praying we'll still have all four.

I sure hope I can sleep to tonight.
*oh, last night I was still up to tinkle all night --except ever two hours, instead of every 30 mins. Very strange!

Nighty night!

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