October 2, 2012

IVF #1, Day 4: 10/2/12

Today, I noticed having a shorter temper.  I haven't "lost" my temper.  I just noticed that little things are starting to irritate and bother me more than usual.  I'm still super sleepy; my insomnia is gone (which is a great thing —but I really dislike feeling sleepy allllll day long and I have not had any caffeine in two weeks).  A scary change today was that I started spotted pretty heavily.  There is some serious concern because it began as soon as my stress level (due to a work situation) shot through the roof.  I felt my heart pounding in my chest; I was short of breath, and I started cramping!  I hope everything is still normally and coming along well.

I'm definitely more comfortable getting ready for the injections.  I'm trying to be able to watch the needle go in my skin but I just can't.  I have to sit on my hands and turn away.  haha!  BUT I was able to look while the needle was still in my tummy.  That is a HUGE step for me!  Of all the needles I've dealt with (from tests and surgeries/procedures/hospital stays and many visits to the doctor), I have never ever been able to watch any of it be done.  I have always had to turn away and wait until it is all over.  So, looking down, at my tummy, while the needle was still in there, was a great step! :)  Maybe, before the injection days are over, I'll actually be able to administer my own injection?!

So far I only have two small bruises, out of eight injection pricks.  My hubby (nurse-hubby is what I call him right now) is doing a fabulous job!!!  I am so thankful for his full support, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc.  It's strange how much we are actually falling deeper in love with one another during this process.  :)

God is good!!

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