October 21, 2012

IVF #1, Day 23: Too early to test?

Yes, that's all I've been thinking of today... crazy?  Normal?  Should I?  Could I possibly wait another five days?!

So, I did a LOT of "googling".  I searched for "how early can I test of 5 day transfer?", "5dp5dt", "how long before hcg trigger is out of system"... and several other different ways to word it.  Everything I read, stated that the trigger shot (which has hcg) should clear out around 10 days after the shot.  Today, is 12 days past having the shot.  I also read about several (many) positive pregnancy tests at 5 days past 5 day transfer (5dp5dt).  That's where we are today, 5dp5dt.

After Chris got home, from buying me some crunchy Taco Bell tacos (which I threw away, and called to complain about, because they tasted fishy!!  UCK!!!) and some glazed HEB donuts, I've been really craving both for a about a week now, I asked him what he thought about testing tonight.  A week ago, he said he did not want us to test early.  Tonight, he said "Test if you want!".

We went upstairs, together, to test...

I was SO nervous!!  I was already choked up with emotion.  I dipped the stick and set it down.  I stared at it and within less than a minute this is what I saw...

Two beautiful pink lines!! (Our first "BFP", big fat positve").  We are just praying it lasts...

I started crying and shaking immediately.  I really expected it to be negative because it's so early.  I am also still a bit concerned that it is only positive because of my hcg trigger shot.  Even though it should be out of my system, can you blame me for still having my doubts —even though it's obviously right there in front of me?!  (oh, and Chris's reaction, when I asked him how he felt about it, as I was trying to gather all my thoughts and calm myself down, "Well, it's no surprise!" —lol, typical guy reaction to first IVF cycle??)

I plan on testing again tomorrow, hoping to see a darker line!! :D  (and again around Wednesday —because I now only have one test left and I need to order more!)

So, "Yay, praise God!!", for now . . . I'm really hoping and praying this lasts!!! :D

(we weren't sure about posting this info so soon —because of the possibility of it not lasting...  But since this is part of our, very real, IVF journey, no matter what the outcome is, I felt it was really important to document it...I know I'm not the only "IVFer" who just can't wait to test and is anxious to know if the early positive is "real"... )

I'm thankful to God for tonight's positive (because I really never ever thought I'd get a chance to see two beautiful pink lines —a second time ... even if they don't last) but I also do understand that this is His plan and we don't know the final outcome...  *so I'm super shocked and excited —but I'm trying to stay calm until it's "officially" confirmed (so don't get too excited just yet ;) hee hee).


  1. I think we are on almost the exact same schedule! I had my first IVF transfer on Oct. 14th and my Beta blood test is Oct. 26th! I broke down and took an HPT also. I took one yesterday and got a faint second line and today it was a little bit darker. I'll test again tomorrow! Good luck. I don't think I'll believe it until after the blood test and the doctor makes it official. I'm just paranoid, I guess!!


  2. I forgot to tell you that when I tested yesterday, I was 14 days past my trigger shot and 15 days today. I did a 5 day transfer also. I think all of the hCG from the trigger shot should be gone, right!


  3. Hi Melanie :)

    We had our transfer on October 16th; so, yes, we are super close on our dates!! :D

    As long as the line continues to darken, that's a great sign! (if it was lingering hcg from the trigger shot the "test" line should be getting more faint —if it's getting darker, it shows that hcg levels are rising in the body! yay!) Congrats on your BFP!!!

    I am still having a hard time saying and thinking the phrase "I'm pregnant". I just keep saying and thinking, "the test is positive —still!" haha. I, too, will really believe it after our first Beta test and after I hear it from the doctor's mouth.