April 14, 2010

Lupron --PAUSED--

So much to update.  I haven't blogged recently because a lot has been changing . . . a lot was being discussed.

We have made plans and decisions.  I know it all works in God's timing and so, we are staying focused on His plans for us.

My last Lupron shot was on March 26th.  I didn't take my last one -scheduled for April 9th.  Also, I got my IUD removed on Monday . . . did you put it together yet?!  :D  Yes!!  We have decided to TTC for baby mayfield #2!! :D  We are both super excited.  We really didn't think we would stick to our original plan.  May 2008, we decided that we would stop TTC, after 18 months of trying, some months with fertility assistance --and we had said we would try again in the summer of 2010.  Well, the time has come and here we are now.  :)

My doctor said to give my body about 6-10 weeks before it might show signs of working -if the Lupron would actually work with "kick starting" my body.  Well, I'm super excited to say that IT WORKS ALREADY!!!  I really didn't think that even the Lupron would help start everything back up again --because my body has NEVER worked on it's own.  I've always needed assistance with what comes normal to other gals . . . so, as much as I am thrilled to be "working", I am trying to remember how to deal with PMS. lol!!!  I honestly thought I was coming down with a cold this morning -it's been sooooo long.  I completely forgot what this was like.  hahaha!!

Now, I am just praying that the endo growth and endo pain stays away long enough for us to have a chance to conceive.  If not, then at least I have three more Lupron shots on hold until Jan. 2011.

We've also taken the very first step in getting certified to foster and/or adopt!! :D

There's soooo much I'd like to share right now --but I'll have to blog again tomorrow or in the next few days.  It's late; I'm tired, and ready to snuggle in my comfy bed . . .

Night night!
pls keep us in prayer as we start this journey of TTC again.