Meet the Family


(might be a while before we get "professional" photos)
I'm Michelle.  I'm not sure what exactly you want to know...  My typical profile reads: "God loving•Endo fighting• cloth diapering•homeschooling•Essential Oil lover•[semi-crunchy] momma (2y/o twins & 11y/o) ",  I'm pretty much an open book, in person and over social networks.  "TMI" really doesn't seem to exist with me.  It can be a good thing when it comes to sharing support and experiences, but I'm pretty sure it may not be such a good thing for those that might not be prepared to know all the little details.  ha!  Sorry?...

My ultimate love in my life is God.  He gets all the credit for who I am and all that surrounds me.  I praise Him and pray in the midst of every situation --I'm known for praying, and shouting out "Oh, thank you Jesus!", for a good parking spot, or as I'm searching for something around the house.  Some find it silly, but I find it totally normal! ;)

(FYI: totally fake [stick-on] mustache)
I have been married to my hubby, Chris, for 13 years.  Chris has worked in the 'banking world' for over 10 years now, and is most definitely one of the best I know! (nah, I'm not being bias in any way!)  He is one of the most creative, think outside-of-the-box, dream BIG, kind of people I know.  He LOVES to be the center of attention and will stop at just about nothing to get there.  Seriously! (I have learned to just smile and "pretend" he's not as crazy as I think he seems, when we are out in public.)  We have been so incredibly blessed with four beautiful children.  Each one of them were years of prayers, perfectly answered.

Kryssa Joyce, 11 yrs old.
Named after her daddy, and her Grandma M.  "KJ", as we call her, is a very talented little artist.  Of course, I'm "momma" and I will always be her biggest fan.  But, seriously, she has such a creative imagination -from drawing to playtime.  KJ takes after her momma and has now officially taken over the title "chatter box".  She loves to read and loves to learn new facts.  If we need "quiet time" around here, all we have to do is turn to 'reading time'!  But she has the most to say when she is sharing facts.  I've labeled her our little "walking encyclopedia", due to her incredible memory.  I really don't think that she can ever get enough facts --about animals mainly.  Oh, and just know, if she knows a fact better than you, she won't hesitate to make the necessary corrections.

If she's not reading or drawing, you can almost be certain she's using her never-ending imagination (and her Creature Power Suit, and accessories) to fully become any animal she can think of!

(9 months old in this photo)
Liam Christopher, 2 years old.
Named after his daddy (Christopher Lee), our "Little Mister" is very quickly learning his way around the family.  He is not shy with working his charm, just like his daddy!  Liam is also improving his 'momma gene' of taking charge in different situations.  We like to say that he told his twin sister, "Ready or not, sis, here we come; I'm ready!", as they surprised us all by arriving 7 weeks early.  Liam does not let being a "preemie" define him in any way; he lives up to his name, meaning "strong-willed warrior; protector", and he's always happy to remind us of his 'strengths'!

(9 months old in this photo)
Ellyana Grace, 2 years old.
Her God-led name was revealed to us just two days before her surprise arrival.  Little did we know that we would be leaning on its meaning, "God has answered", with every ounce of our being, while they gained their strength in the NICU, for the first 31 days of their 'outside life'.  She had a rough start and took her sweet time learning the ropes of being a newborn; but she is definitely showing her strengths now.  Elly, loves to learn from her big brother, but also loves to just sit back and observe everything around.  Her little nickname, "Sweet Elly", is a perfect match to who she is.