Our Endo, and PCOD,TTC, IVF, & Pregnancy History

TTC = Trying To Conceive
Endo = Endometriosis
PCOS = Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome
PCOD = Poly-cystic Ovarian Disease
Lap = Laporoscopy
Sono = Sonogram
BFN = Big Fat Negative
BFP = Big Fat Positive
RE = Reproductive Endocrinologist 
IVF = In Vitro Fertilization

January 2013

December 2012

November 2012

October 2012
  • 10/27:  First Beta; Heard the most beautiful words "Congratulations, you are pregnant!"
  • 10/16:  Transfer Day
  • 10/12:  'Day 1' egg/embryo update —7 eggs were mature enough to be fertilized; only 4 fertilized; currently 4 embryos look great for day 5 transfer
  • 10/11:  Egg Retrieval! (retrieved 9 eggs)  Endo pain is is horrible!!
  • 10/10:  Labs before retrieval
  • 10/9:  "Trigger shot" (Novarel —intramuscular injection)
  • Endo pain is unbearable!  (slowly getting worse)
  • 10/8:  Lab and ultrasound.  Final night for Follistim, Menopur, and Ganirelix injections.
  • 10/5:  Lab and ultrasound.  Instructed to continue Follistim and Menopur injections, plus add Ganirelix injection.  (total of 3 injections per night now)
  • 10/3:  Lab and ultrasound
  • Endo pain is minimal

September 2012

  • 9/29:  My 30th birthday and first day of injections (Menopur, Follistim)
  • 9/28:  Lab work before injections begin.
  • 9/25:  Last day of LoEstrin24 FE
  • 9/21:  Bleeding continued, since Saline Ultrasound.  Now taking 3 pills of LoEstrin24 FE to stop bleeding.
  • 9/18:  IVF Class
  • 9/13:  Begin LoEstrin24 FE (1 pill per day)
  • Uterus and Endo super irritated from Saline Ultrasound :(  (heavy spotting began)
  • 9/13:  Saline Ultrasound (HSG) revealed blocked tubes (both completely blocked)
  • 9/13:  ID Labs (testing for Infectious Diseases)
August 2012 
  •  2 negative hpts
  • Day 3 lab work
  • still no cycle (could be good; could be bad)
  • Endo has been overwhelming
  • Back is causing a lot of mobility issues again (I read that it could be caused from Endo.  There's no way to know for sure)

July 2012

  • First visit to RE (reproductive endocrinologist)
  • RE suggests 4th laporoscopy
  • RE suggests considering IVF
  • Semen Analysis performed
  • visit to O.B. and he referred me to RE.  Also, O.B. suggests a 4th laporoscopy 
  • BFN
  • Endo is unbearable!!
  • 7/25: endo has been "not so bad" 
  • 3 negatives HPTs
  • didn't start a cycle as expected on the 28th
  • Back started stiffening up again on the 30th
June 2012
  • 2 cycles in one month :(
  • Endo is unbearable and Norco doesn't seem to be helping
  • Severely miserable cycle!! *endo flared up

May 2012

  •  Endo comes and goes more often and is much stronger
  • Cycles last longer and are much heavier
April 2012
  • Endo comes and goes randomly
  • yeast infection -I thought it could be due to pregnancy.
  • Tested 8dpo: BFN
March 2012
  • Started taking Evening Primrose Oil (gelcaps) (I read that they help with PMS and Endo -along with many other things) 
  • First time using Ovulation Tests.  It was exciting to have a good idea of my ovulation window.  
  • BFN
November 2011—February 2012
  • Back injury occurred.  Slowed things down a lot in November, December, and January.  :(
  • BFNs
  • Stopped taking Metformin (I felt like my blood sugar was dropping too low due to the medication)
  • Still having regular cycles naturally 
October 2011
  • HPT has the faintest of faintest lines on it --could it be?!
  • third day of testing, the second line is completely gone
  • Cycle started on it's own --two days early :(
  • Not even really counting days this month
  • No clomid --tempting, very tempting
September 2011
  • Third month without clomid
  • Cycle started on its own
  • Endo seems minimal (most days)
August 2011
  • Cycle started on it's own
  • No clomid his month
  • BFNs
July 2011
  • BFN
  • cycle started all on its own
  • Did not refill my Clomid on time this month :(
June 2011
  • Progesterone level was 18!! (highest number yet!!)
  • BFNs  :(
  • cycle started on its own!! :)
  • continue with Metformin and another cycle of Clomid (150mg)
May 2011
  • OBGYN appointment (BFN)
  • Started a cycle without provera!!
  • continuing metformin and Clomid (150mg)
April 2011
  • Appointment with OBGYN (BFN)
  • Back on Provera and Clomid(150 mg)
  • Starting Metformin 
  • Ovulation success! (progesterone level at 5 —is that a good enought number??)
March 2011
  • Not allowed to take next dose of Clomid until after cyst goes away. :(
  • Painful, painful episodes (more than likely from cyst rupturing)
  • OBGYN  appointment --sono showed cyst is gone! (but I missed my chance to take the next round of clomid
  • Excruciating Endo episodes
  • BFN
  • late on my cycle
February 2011
  • Ovulation success!
  • Endo has been staying under control.
  • Clomid (150mg)
  • OBGYN appointment --ultrasound showed a very concerning cyst on my ovary
  • Doc doesn't think Clomid is working very well because I'm ovulating much later than day 14
January 2011
  •  BFN
  • Clomid (150mg)
  • Finally ovulated!
  • Started my cycle (3 days late)
  • another round of clomid (150mg)
  • Not handling clomid side-effects well --considering stopping already.
December 2010
  • Clomid (100mg)
  • too early to test
November 2010
  • Appointment with OBGYN
  • BFN
October 2010
  • Started on Provera and Clomid (50mg)
  • too early to test
September 2010
  • 22 days "late" and still getting BFNs
August 2010
  • Endo is getting too severe.  Considering stopping ttc this month just to get back on Lupron
  • BFNs
July 2010
  • Endo pain is back strong
  • Started back on pain meds
  • BFNs
June 2010
  • Finally a second cycle ( a whole 54 days later!)
  • BFNs
May 2010
  • BFNs
  • waiting for 2nd cycle to start
April 2010
  •  No 3rd Lupron shot after all
  • IUD taken out
  • TTC again!!  (2 months short of our 24 month goal.  We made it all the way to 22 months of focusing on other areas of life and waiting to ttc again).  We're ready!!
March 2010
  • Not so pain-free anymore :(  One week away from my next shot.
  • 2nd Lupron shot (side effects: not as bad as the first time; I guess I'm some what used to it?!)
  • 10 days after 2nd shot —extremely exhausted and drained.  horrible stabbing pains in different areas of my body.  Having a really hard time functioning with Lupron in my system now.
  • Endo pains definitely still very minimal to days where there's no pain whatsoever.
February 2010
  • First time being Pain-free for years!
  • Large cyst is gone! (no surgery needed!)
January 2010
  • Endo is much worse.  birth control stopped working Affecting my bladder.  My right ovary is out of place -again.  And there is another golf ball-size cyst on my left ovary
  • 1st Lupron shot (very very intense side effects)
June 2009
  • 3rd laporoscopy to remove cysts and endo (7 months after my 2nd lap.) --doc said ovary and tube reattached to the abdominal wall again.  24 hrs later, I had a reaction to the anesthesia.
  • Changed my birth control
  • continued pain meds as needed
March 2009
  • Reconsidering our 2 yr plan of "waiting" before ttc again.  REALLY wanting a baby...
January 2009
  •  Returned to work.
  • Pain meds not really helping with pain management anymore.
November 2008
  • Had my 2nd laporoscopy (10 months after my 1st lap.).  Removed large cyst, and other small cysts.  Found another significantly large cyst on my other ovary.  Found endometriosis. (my ovaries had attached to my abdominal wall --which was more than likely the explanation to all the extreme pain!).  And doc diagnosed me with PCO"D" (disease instead of syndrome).
  • Pain returned exactly one week later.
  • Visited my doc for pain management options. --he put me back on the pill.  So, now I have the IUD AND an oral pill.
  • Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
  • Ended up in ER due to extreme pain and discomfort (very similar to the reaction I had after my first lap.)  iv meds and antibiotics helped.  They thought it was a gallbladder attack --turned out to be some kind of virus that causes inflammation of the stomach and small intestine... what great luck I have.
  • Took a leave of absence from work.
October 2008
  • pain becomes so intense and extreme, it starts keeping me home from work and limits my regualr daily activities.  Starts making me actually feel "sick".
  • Visit a GI specialist and get a colonoscopy —which came back perfectly normal.
  • nothing helps the pain
  • I visit a new primary care physician.  She sends me for a sono and, all in one day, I get the results, go back and see her, she calls my OBGYN and faxes the results over.  They discovered what could be causing the pain —a golf ball-size cyst on my ovary.
  • Started on Tramadol, for pain, some antinausea meds, and an anti-biotic to rule out any infection that might be causing all the abdomen pain.
July 2008
  • Got an IUD to help with hormones and to prevent any miraculous conceptions from occurring.
June 2008 
  • 18 months of ttc and we are done for a while.  its just a little too much for us.  we need a break.
  • started back on the pill
  • experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort
April 2008
  • 2 weeks late but I finally ended up starting.
  • Another appointment with OBG shows cysts are back on my ovaries and that's what's causing the increased pain
March 2008
  • 6 days late
  • 2 BFNs  :(
February 2008
  • My body is working all on its own finally!  No meds needed.
January 2008
  • Stopped Clomid (I couldn't handle another round of side effects)
  • January 2008:  Laporoscopy to clear out the cysts on my ovaries, flush tubes, and to check for endometriosis *results: no endo, 20+ cysts on each ovary successfully removed.  
  • A few days after surgery, I ended up getting really ill and I was admitted into the hospital due to an "unknown" infection (doc says my tubes were really blocked and more than likely whatever was blocking them may have caused the infection...)
August 2007
  • Continued Provera and upped the Clomid to 100mg
May 2007
January 2007
  • Started ttc for baby #2
August 2004
  • Gave birth to our first child (after 2 yrs of 'no prevention')

October 2003

  • Diagnosed with PCOS, after not having a cycle for 8 months, then bleeding uncontrollably, with an unbearable amount of pain, an ending up in the ER.  (I always had horrible stabbing pains, horrible side effects from a cycle —when I would rarely, rarely, get a cycle.  I thought all of that was "normal".)