July 30, 2007

This is how it goes

Well, it is late and I don't want to stay up much longer -but here is a little update of what's been going on:
Marguerite, my niece, headed back home today.    She had been in SA since the 9th of July and she had stayed with us since the 14th.  I had such a wonderful time -I hope she did too-.  It's hard to believe that my nieces are so "grown up" already . . .
Well, I got to see more family this weekend too.  My other niece, Jensyn, was in town along with 3 of my other sisters.  I enjoyed getting to see them -even though it wasn't for long
Well, Thursday I worked and then we went to church for rehearsal. 
Friday, Marguerite baked cupcakes and we picked up Jensyn to join us for a road trip to Austin.  It was GREAT!!  So, I got to see another sister too!!  Ha ha, all four sisters in one weekend?!  Wow, God is good!!!   Well, I had to drop off the girls at the hotel (with their moms) on our way back in to SA -so I didn't get home until 3:30AM!!!!  Wow, what an adventure!  lol
Saturday, Chris, Kryssa and I went to Fiesta Texas.  Chris purchased season passes for us all (kryssa has her first little season pass -hee hee) We visited the water park first and enjoyed hours of fun -UNTIL . . . Kryssa got stung by a yellow jacket .  I couldn't believe it -WHAT LUCK, HUH?!  (that's her second sting in just several months -poor thing!!!)  Well, after about an hour or so, she calmed down and was able to walk -it stung her on the tip of her big toe :( - We enjoyed the rest of the evening at Fiesta Texas.  She rode several rides and Chris rode one, I believe . . .
Later that night, around 11:30 or so, I managed to drive 30 mins to pick up the girls to take them back to our house for a sleep over and so that they could go to church with us . . .
Sunday, we (chris, Kryssa, Jensyn, Marguerite and I) went to church, I had a blast singing!!   The message was GREAT!!  Oh, and my parents went, which really made my day!!  Later we met up with my parents, again, and my nieces, and had lunch.  Then we (jensysn, marguerite, chris and i) spontaneously went to Fiesta texas for about an hour -before we had to have the girls back at my parent's so that they could get picked up by their moms to head back to Dallas.  Oh, and while at Fiesta Texas, I whitnessed an accident -pretty ugly!!  So, I stayed to give a statement. Poor people, man!!
From my parents, we went to a BBQ gathering and I managed to stain the people's carpet BLUE!   I left my powerade bottle open, on the floor next to my chair, and forgot about it and then the next thing I knew, I think someone moved the chair or something, I don't know what happened?! . . . someone was soaking up blue liquid! OH NO!!!  I felt horrible!!!
From there we went to Walmart and spent some money -I don't know WHY!!!  lol -but we ended up buying Dance Dance Revolution for PS2!  Super cool . . . Super fun . . . also a great work out! ha ha ha -Someone told me how it has a work out program/game and keeps track of calories that are being burned -well, it does and I love that feature/game.  So, now we are extremely pooped!!!  I'm ready for a good night's rest because tomorrow I have quite a bit to do with shopping for Kryssa's party and . . . well, I really don't remember what else ----Oh!  One thing is getting my hair changed back to my original color!  I can't deal with it . . . I don't like the job that was done and I definitely don't feel that I got my money's worth.  So, I know I have other errands to run.  I just wanted to blog --I feel like I haven't done it in a while.

I am still working on my "home" blog . . . sorry -thanks for being patient. --to some of you  --hee hee, and the others please be a little more patient.
Have a wonderful monday!!

Oh, I forgot to say that I have one more child, a 9 month old, enrolling for one week in August and one week in September.  I'm really excited!  I love getting 'new' kids -and it's super exciting that he's a little 9 month old . . . BABY!!!  hee hee
The other thing I forgot to add is that I have the wedding cake to make for this Saturday!! ha ha ha . . . I'm super excited about that!  I got free range --I can do just about anything I want, design it how ever I'd like!! How cool is that?!?
-so I think that's it now . . .
night night

July 24, 2007

Orange is just not my color!

So, I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers (prayed actually) -as my hair was being "foiled".  I got some light brown "mocha" highlights in my hair.  I'm not sure that it's "mocha".  lol, it's orange!! lol.  My neice likes it and Chris says he likes it but I'm just not sure what I think of it yet.  To me, it looks orange.  My main goal was to cover up my white hair -yes, I had enough to need highlights to cover them up  - but now, I miss having just that patch of white to hide.  Unlike this huge patch of orange hair (my entire head!) I have to figure out how to style.   I was told -thankfully- though that if I really don't like the color after a few days that I can go back and get it changed either to a different color or back to my original color (basically color it anyway) . .  
Well, I got it trimmed and cleaned up so I am pretty okay about that.  Growing hair out is never really an exciting process . . .
Today was the first time that I spent hours and hours and hours in a salon -for myself.  It was pretty enjoyable.  Now, it would have really been nice if Kryssa was with her daddy -but he was at work and we do what we have to.  Kryssa was GREAT.  She stayed in her stroller while I got my face 'done' and then while I got my haircut and color.  When I was done, I let her push her stroller around the store until Marguerite's "fun" was finished -she got a manicure and some super cool, young, highlights (plum red and blonde) added to her hair.  Then we all went out for ice cream!  Yum!!  --Chris met up with us and almost passed out when he heard our total bill! LOL ( I don't normally spend more than just a hair cut . . .actually, that's all I've ever spent. ha ha)
Today was also the first time that I got waxed and threaded ---Yee-OUCH!!!  Talk about some serious pain!  Me Oh MY!!  Lol . . . but I love all the results.  I just need to figure out how I can style my hair to look more like "me". --and then I'll really be happy about our salon day.
It was a nice pampering day -and Kryssa was amazing . . .
On a different note . . .  Chris is going out of town on business.    He will leave tomorrow and be back on Wednesday night.  I know, I know, it's only one night and a couple of days -but it's still tough.  I will miss him.  Just keep him in prayer that he stays safe during his trip and hotel stay.  Aw, I'm really going to miss my honey-bun. 

 . . . sniffle . . .

July 18, 2007

This must stop!!!

Oh Man!!  I am just now coming up to bed -we stayed up playing the wii, Marguerite and I.  Chris has been sleeping -he works bright and early tomorrow, poor thing.  My first day back to work will be this Thursday.  I must get back on SA time before then or I will sooooo be hurting Thursday morning. 
I can't believe that tomorrow is Wednesday already.  We have been back since Saturday, the 14th, @ 11:30pm, and it has gone by soooo fast . . . I thought I would have been back on schedule by now -but nope! 
So, I know that I need to finish up my Vegas trip blog . . . I don't know what will become of it, though.  Honestly, there's just too much to write about.  I might just post it in pieces -we'll see.
Good night --I'm going to snuggle now . . . and make my eyes stay shut .  .  .

July 17, 2007

Will it work?!

Well, aside from our wonderful vacation . . .
This friday I will go in to have my blood drawn and my progesterone level(s) will be checked -to see if the clomid worked.  Our vacation came at such a perfect time -all the stress of emotions and all seemd to have flooded my mind.  So, it was wonderful to be able to just focus on me and Chris -and reflect on our five years of marriage!!- for a while.
Seeing how our night and days were a little flipped flopped over there, I don't know what kind of results we are going to have.  But I am glad that our first round of meds is over.  God willing that's all we will need . . .
Mentally I say that if it didn't work this round that I can handle another round.  But emotionally, I'm not sure how I will handle it . . . all the ups and downs of the medications/harmones -mood swings, hot flashes (side effects), etc.- along with the ups and downs of mental and emotional whirlwinds . . . I need to know that a round two is what we should do.  So, I leave it in God's hands and just do my best to wait patiently.

so that's the update on that.

**Oh, wait, I forgot to mention that I just found out news of another mother to be . . .   --life is really interesting, isn't it?!  I think I've lost count already --that may be the 12th person already, since April.**  I know, I know . . . our time will come . . .

July 16, 2007


**(7/26) Well, I was going to write a short entry for days 1-10 --but it's not so easy to remember everything now.  So, this is what I have done:  I've kept what I had already written.  But I've added a little slide show according to the day . . . if there is something I really want to share about that day, I will add a little paragraph with the slide show.  There are so many pictures -I am working on a slide show for Chris- so, breaking them up by the day might not be so bad . . .  I was so excited to share about our vacation but I have waited too long and don't remember allll the exciting points.  I will share what I remember . . .

(original blog ---with the new additions)
So, it's great to be back "home".  There is so much to share about out trip -I don't even know where to start.  I could have atleast taken, or bought, a journal to write in about what we did each day.  We have pictures to show -but it's so hard to remember allll that we did every day.
Let's see what I remember:
Day 1:  We got to Vegas at approx. 6:40pm.  The time change was exciting for us because we thought we would go out the first night and start exploring.  Well, at the airport, our luggage was "lost" for about an hour or so -they didn't know what happened to it and said that we could either wait to see if it came on the next plane or file the report and hope that it would be found within 24 hours.  Thank God, it arrived on the next plane. 
We left the airport and ate at the Cheesecake Factory.  Once we got to our destination, it was already close to 10pm.  Which seemed like a great time to change and go out -but Chris fell asleep and I only stayed up another 30 mins before I realized that I had nothing to do but stare at walls!! lol!  It wasn't as horrible as it may seem, I was pooped too.  The time change got to us the first night -so, our normal midnight bedtime was only 10 over there but we still couldn't help giving in to our sleep (seeing how I only had about 4 hours of sleep the previous night -packing-).
Day 2:  We ate at Red Robin (nothing different from SA, huh?!  Cheesecake Factory and Red Robin -LOL-) then bought some cupcakes from a little cupcake shop called the Cupcakery.   We checked in to our Hotel, the Westin, and fell in love with the california king -pillow top- bed.  On the reviews for the room we read about how lovely the beds were and we totally agree!!  The other wonderful "piece of heaven" (they like to call it) was the double head shower experience!! 

July 10, 2007

Vegas Update 7/10/07

Okay, so we enjoyed the first half of our vacation.  There is sooooo much to share and I don't want to stay on the comp very long -so, the update (of what I can remember right now):
The shows we have seen:
Blue Man Group!
Steve Warwick 
Zumanity -Cirque (spelling)
Le Reve!!

Other entertaining sites:
The Fountains of Bellagio!!
The Mirage Volcano
um . . .

Places we've eaten:
Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville
Panda Express(ha ha)
Paris Buffet
Oh, I can't remember the name of this place -but we tasted duck for the very first time!!

Hotels/malls we visited and/or shopped at:
Fashion Show Mall
Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian
Miracle Mile Shops at Plante Hollywood
Wynn Esplanade
New York New York
Treasure Island
Planet Hollywood

We are still planning on visiting and/or seeing:
MGM Grand
New York New York (Manhattan Express -rollercoaster)
Ceasar's Palace
Circus Circus (The Adventuredome Theme Park)
Freemont (downtown)
The Palms
Treasure Island (The Sirens of TI -show)
the Venetian (Gondala ride)
Showcase mall (World of Coke and M&M's World)
White Tiger Habitat
The Pyramid (if that's what it's called)
Love or Ka -cirque (we haven't decided which one yet :(   )

so this is what stands out --I will post some pics soon!!
I miss Kryssa soooo much and I look forward to flying back home --but I really have been enjoying our vacation-- it took us about two days before we could really live the "Vegas Life".  The very first night we didn't even last till 10:30pm !! lol  The next night, I think we were up until about 2am and then after that we weren't going to sleep until after the sun was up!!  lol, it's been GREAT!!!  Going to sleep at 6am and sleeping till 1 or 3 in the afternoon!!  Wow, what an experience this has been. 
I'm starving now --we're going to go eat!! Yay!!

Hope everyone is well . . . Have a wonderful week.  :)

July 4, 2007

Vegas Update

just wanted to update:
We are currently waiting to board the connecting flight to Vegas.  Right now we are sitting in Phoenix, airport -it is 114 degrees!!  Crazy!!  lol.  So, here, it's 5:05pm and we will take off at 5:30pm . . . Oh, we can't wait to get to Vegas!!

We'll post updates when we have down time.  We should arrive in Vegas at approx. 6:30 pm (Nevada time).