July 18, 2009

too much for my own good

I know, I know, I haven't blogged in WAY too long. I wish I could remember every single dirty detail of all the weeks that have passed. However, all I'm left with are tangy details here and there.

It's been the craziest 2 1/2 weeks of 2009 -from my bike flipping off my bike rack, on the highway, while driving 65 --to the deadliest hike I've ever experienced --then on to getting separated from KJ while at Splash Town (all because someone was 'helping' and thought she was lost!!!) That one has to be the absolute WORST feeling in my entire life story, so far... Oh, and I definitely can NOT forget to mention getting pulled over by a cop, for the very first time in my 9 yrs of driving. All because I was heading back to go save a turtle that I saw running on the shoulder of I-10. Yes, that's right, A RUNNING TURTLE ON THE HIGHWAY!!! A highlight (with it's shadows) of these crazy 2.5 weeks was celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. :) Two out of two of our cars are parked, not working, waiting for repairs. Oh, the funniest, I think, was when a kid left a gate open to a petting area FILLLLLLLED with deer!! LOL Have you ever seen, on tv, a clip/scene of gazelles leaping across a stream or something? Well, that was our scene at the Exotic Zoo Ranch . . . the deer just POURED out of the gate leaping with JOY!! -and then there I was trying to herd them all back. lol I didn't do a very good job. They enjoyed their freedom! hahaha.

Currently, KJ is recovering from Croup and Bronchitis. :( We got to the ER at approx 145am and were back home by 5am. She was having a very hard time breathing while sleeping --and I'm sooo thankful that Chris and I decided I should take her because it turned out that her airway, in her throat, was swollen!! :( It's been tough with restless nights and not being able to do anything but love on her to help her through it all . . .

Some great things we are looking forward to: KJ's 5th bday is in 22 days and KJ's first day of school is only 5 weeks away!!!!! :( :D (a whole mixture of emotions...)