February 27, 2013

Week 22: Papayas and "Operation Roll Over"

How far along?
22 weeks on 2/27/13

How big are the twinkies?
According to The Bump, the babies are approximately the size of:

How am I feeling?
I've been feeling great!  I'm in love with the twinkies and the pregnancy, as a whole.  My mind wants to do it all, but my body only lasts about 10 mins —before my thighs go numb.  I do what I can, a little bit at a time.  :)

My scale kindly showed me some new numbers... +12 lbs.
What do I miss?
I realize that I miss being able to roll over, during my sleep, and actually stay asleep.  I never really thought so much about "okay, roll over... NOW. . . there you go.  Now, one more time.... ahhh, that's comfy."  I have to be fully awake to roll over to another position and then sometimes it takes me another 10 mins or so to get back to sleeping.  Who knew it would be such a task?!  ;)

When I'm hungry, boy-oh-boy am I hungry!!  I can't decide on just one thing right now.  I want a little bit of everything!  yikes!  Another "new" symptom, this trimester, is feeling the need for a nap in the early afternoon.  I don't actually let myself nap, but I sure feel the need (eyes rolling around in my head and all).

Sushi.  Beans.  (any mexican food, really!)

 Highlights of the week?
We had a wonderful day-trip, out of town, to a beautiful park (with huge playground) and to the outlet mall, where we purchased some super cute clothes for all the kiddos!  KJ now has spring/summer clothes and the twins have some adorable new outfits waiting for them.  :)

Belly Watch:

February 7, 2013

18 weeks +6: Gender Scan/Prenatal appointment on 2/5/13

Quick Update:

Both babies are currently head down.  They were both major wiggle worms for the sono tech.  I did NOT accidentally see their genders!  Teeny weighs a whopping 10 ounces and Tiny weighs 11 ounces!!  According to their measurements, the EDDs for the babies are June 27th and June 30th.  Now, the actual due date won't change.  The EDD will stay July 4th.  All that means is that they are growing very very nicely!! :D  I want big healthy babies!! I want them to have a great chance of little to no NICU time, if they do end up coming earlier than they should.  But God-willing, I will join the Hall of Fame for carrying my twins to full-term! ;) hee hee.  Oh, and my cervix is still a nice length, I was told.  It's 5.1 inches.  (is that right?  is it measured in inches? lol.  I think I was still on cloud nine, hearing that they look fantastic and are growing perfectly --and that the contractions/braxton hicks that I have been experiencing do NOT seem to be changing my cervix; which was not the case with my first pregnancy.).  Praise God for such great news!!  :)

Our precious twinkies:  only Tiny was in a profile position.  Teeny insisted on laying back and giving only a bird's eye view of his/her precious little face.

I followed my directions and drank a minimum of 24 oz and did NOT pee for the hour I was drinking (all the way until after the sono —approx. an hour and a half.  I'm used to tinkling every 20-30 mins during the daytime, maybe 45 mins, max!).  Little did I realize (nor did they) that, with two babies, 24 oz is very close to impossible to hold in and stay comfortable.  :(  Endo flared up very badly from an extremely full bladder, and two wiggly babies.  It was all much better after about 15 mins of emptying my bladder.

Having my sis go to that appointment with me was awesome!  She seemed so excited and it made me even more excited.  We've shared some very special moments throughout our adult-hood, but I think this one stands out the most right now...  It means so much to me that she will be playing such a huge role in us finding out the genders of our twins! :)

Before we left the doctor's office, she was handed the very special, secret, envelope... and it turned out that she didn't even open it until the next morning.  I was surprised.  I thought she would have torn it open as soon as she arrived back home.  hee hee  I've been an anxious ball of nerves.  Tuesday seemed like such an incredibly LONG day.  Now, it's Thursday night and the reveal is only ONE DAY AWAY!  Oh, the excitement has been building.  —keeping me awake throughout the nights, teasing me in my dreams, and causing my mind to be even more forgetful than usual.  I am just beyond excited for Saturday...

What are we having... Two girls?  Two boys?  One girl and one boy? . . . ooooohhhhh, we'll soon find out!!! :D

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Results will be posted around 7pm on Saturday, February 9th, on our Life Happens facebook page.

My sis with THE envelope!!!

February 4, 2013

It's happening tomorrow... already!!!

Tomorrow is a BIG day!!  My sis will come into town and go with me to my sono appointment.  I am so incredibly anxious to see our babies again.  However, I'm also very nervous to accidentally see boy or girl parts.

Our reveal party isn't until this Saturday.  My sis will be the only one with the very special news.  I'm going to go a bit nuts, I think.  I want to know already.  I want to be able to watch the sono and not worry about accidentally finding out a gender, or two.  BUT I also want to enjoy that BIG moment, this Saturday, with all of our family and friends!

I'm so glad my sis will be holding that secret for the week.  It came down to my mom or my sis:
My mom and I are very much alike.  We don't like surprises...and we aren't very good at keeping them either! lol  I mean, we can be but it is so incredibly tough to do.  haha  There have been many times that we just can't even talk to one another, if we have a surprise we are keeping from one another.  I have slipped up several times, okay, MANY times, revealing surprises and ruining the 'big moment' for others.  So, in order NOT to go crazy, having to avoid my mom, someone I talk to quite frequently in a week (just about every day), Chris and I figured my sis would be the perfect person!! :D  She lives two hours away.  We text more than we talk.  She LOVES surprises!  And she is GREAT at keeping them until that perfect time!  Plus, we figured it would make this whole journey that much more special for all of us... See, perfect!

I hope I can sleep tonight.  I hope I don't lose my appetite due to crazy knotted-up nerves.  And I hope, I hope, I hope, that I can still get a good view of our babies and NOT spoil the surprise for myself and everyone else.  I hope the sonographer warns me before zooming in on their privacy.

I'M SO EXCITED!!  I can't believe THE appointment is happening tomorrow already.  Wow.  I'M SO EXCITED!!!

Now, I'm just praying that both babies cooperate and 'show off what they have'! ;)

February 2, 2013

Week 18: Sweet Potatoes and Birth Options

How far along?
18 weeks on 1/30/13!

How big are the twinkies?
 According to The Bump, the babies are approximately the size of:

How am I feeling?
Up and down and up and down with emotions and energy.  Oh, and constantly starving!!

Surprisingly, I've gone down a pound.  That puts me at +3 . . . for now.  I really don't even know how that's possible!  I thought, for sure, I was going to go up an additional 2lbs, if not more.  Who knows!

What do I miss?
Nothing of importance this week.  I've already mentioned sleep and comfort; however, it's the price I am willing to continue to pay for these little babies!! :D

Extreme hunger and thirst.  Numbing still happening in my thighs.  Pinch nerves around bulging disc, in lower back (along with clicking of the surrounding vertebrae —doesn't hurt; just sounds and feels gross.).  Mood swings (irritable and sensitive/emotional).  Dizzy spells —out of nowhere! (I probably look really silly when I frantically grab on to the closest stable thing, but I'm standing still and nothing looks "wrong" from the outside.  It's all in my head, literally.)

Learning to 'let go' of how I'm used to doing certain tasks.  Before pregnancy, if I wanted something done a certain way, I'd just make sure to do it myself.  Now, however, I have to just let it go and be grateful for Chris's and Kryssa's full participation.  :)   I'm telling myself that it shouldn't matter how it gets done... just that it did get done and I wasn't the one that had to do it.

Uh, everything?!  lol  No, not really.  
Hard boiled eggs.  Greek yogurt with granola.  Nacho Cheese Doritos.  Fresh chocolate chip cookies. 

Highlights of the week?
Matching onesies we bought, in case we find out we are having two boys! 
We now have a gender-nuetral set and a boys' set.  All we need now is to find a cute little set for girls.

Chris and I met with an amazing midwife,  on Friday, Jan. 25, to discuss the possibility of a home birth!  (you can read more about it here.)

Belly watch

February 1, 2013

Home Birth Anyone?

Friday, a week ago, was a BIG day for us.  Well, more like "big evening"...  It put me on cloud nine!

Approximately five years ago, a neighbor of mine gave birth at home.  I remember thinking "Wow. that must be an amazing experience!".  Chris thought it was crazy!  Almost four years ago, I was so incredibly honored and blessed to witness my best friend give birth, to her third child, at a birthing center.  It was incredible and I knew it was something that I would love to experience some day.  Then, just a couple of years after that birth, I, witnessed her amazing home birth, of her fourth child.  Again, another incredible experience.  It was so peaceful and beautiful.  The midwives cared for her gently and lovingly and she had the opportunity to let her body call the shots.  No one was counting through her contractions and yelling that she had to push or keep pushing.  When she wanted to walk, she was able to.  When she wanted to sway, be held, get in the birthing pool, lay down, (and yes, even sleep!) there was her "team" (midwives and hubby) supporting her every move and decision, calmly and lovingly encouraging her along the way.  It was so beautiful and incredible —peaceful and however the birthing momma and baby needed it to be.    . . . and that's when I knew I wanted to have the same opportunities and experience, one day —if God ever blessed me with another pregnancy.

Years ago, Chris would give me the "No way!  You're crazy!" response.  After my friends home birth, he changed it to "Uh, I don't know.  We'll see."  During our IVF cycle, as we'd imagine the possibility of actually, finally, getting pregnant, I knew I wanted to 'plan' for a home birth but I knew I'd need hubby to be on board and fully supportive.  Once we found out we were expecting twins, I felt that all hope, for a home birth, was gone.  I thought there was no way that any midwife would deliver twins at home.  However, it all changed when my wonderful [home birthing] friend, who is now a doula, told me about a wonderful midwife that she knew.  She said that this particular midwife is THE midwife to go to when it comes to a twin home birth.  I trusted her recommendation and my research began.

So, that leads us up to me making a phone call to midwife R, just to find out if I'd even be a candidate for a twin home birth.  I shared my medical history and my previous pregnancy and birth history.  I answered the questions she had for me and the result was in —so far I was a candidate!  We arranged to meet the very next evening.  In that first phone call, alone, she gave me more detailed info and suggestions/advice on how to aim for a healthy twin pregnancy (nutrition, mind-set, book recommendation, etc) than my current OB had given me.  I felt more positive support from midwife R, just over a phone conversation, than I did with the OB I have been with for over 7 years (and I've always really liked Dr. R.  He's been great —handling my endo journey . . . but not so much, in my opinion, handling this pregnancy.).  There was such a huge difference of mind-set and realistic optimism (if that even makes sense).

When we finally met, it just felt right.  It felt better than right, actually.  It felt perfect!  I had been a bit anxious about the whole thing.  Yes, I knew I wanted to meet her and get more information about the possibility of having a twin home birth.  However, when today's "norm" revolves around scheduled c-sections (when not medically necessary), a home birth, to many, sounds so "hippie" and "accidental" (the "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" t.v. show, or  the "it just happened so fast; I didn't make it to the hospital" scenarios).  It's a bit tough going against the "norm" —especially when having twins!

After talking, for over two hours, with midwife R, I felt so different than before.  I didn't feel anxious.  I felt confident.  I felt sure that I could trust my body (and God) to bring these babies into this world in the best possible way.  I trust that if things change, and not allow for a home birth, at any point during this pregnancy, I made every decision based on what is best for me and the twins.  I trust that if things change, and the twins end up being born in a hospital (by c-section or not), God has His reasons and all I can do is trust His plan.  However, I also trust that, if we are so blessed to experience a home birth, God has equipped my mind and body to do exactly what it needs to do to birth two babies.

It was also great talking with midwife R hearing about her personal experience with having twins of her own, delivering others' twins, having a passion for twin pregnancies and births, and being recognized nationally for her experience in twin home births.  She is an amazing woman!

For now, we still haven't switched from my current OB.  We are waiting to get some info about our insurance coverage ... and also, we want to keep our upcoming appointment, on February 5th, to have our sono and find out the genders!  But I know what I want (and I have been praying about this since I found out I was pregnant) and I know that Chris' questions were answered in a very realistic way, making him feel more ready for this journey.  I have told Chris that I trust his final decision; I trust that he, too, is trusting God for the right decision.  Therefore, I will not go against his wishes or decision.  I'm praying that he is fully on board and supportive but I also have to let go and trust God in this decision.  So, we will make a decision in the next week or so and I will gladly share whatever it is that we decide to do.

Have you ever considered a home birth?  Was it, 'without a doubt', an easy decision?  Or did it take some time to adjust 'going against the grain'?

I'd love to hear your stories!