October 3, 2012

IVF #1, Day 5: 10/3/12

Ultrasound/labs appointment was this morning at 7:15am.  Doc found 4 growing follicles on each ovary.  I started with ten on my right and seven on my left, on September 28.  I'm hoping I get more before retrieval... I don't know what is the norm for Day 5 but I can't imagine that eight, total, is enough.  :\

I was shocked when the nurse told me that we could know a retrieval date as early as this Friday!  I can't believe that we are so close to the retrieval date already!!  It's always just been "the week of the 8th" . . . well, that's next week already!!  It seems to be going by so quickly!  wow.

Nurse M. told me to continue with 150 Menopur and 150 Follistim.

eeek!  this is crazy; just days away from figuring out the retrieval date!  This is soooo real.

To get my mind on other things for a while (between work and IVF, my mind and emotions have reach the max, right now), KJ and I met with a friend and her kiddos and finally saw Finding Nemo 3D and then had lunch at Cosi —Yum!!  Then I crazily shopped for three and a half hours!  And that's that I really hate clothes shopping for me.  But I really needed some new clothes because I am having a LOT of trouble fitting into my current clothes right now.  I'm sooooo bloated and uncomfortable.  :(  No pain.  Just some serious discomfort with the, now, tighter waist bands.  I was able to find one Maxi dress (but its strapless and one size too big and I think I will only wear it at home).  I really need to find some more comfy clothes!

Oh, and tonight, I was actually able to watch Chris poke the needle into my tummy!  (and it wasn't even as scary and nerve-wrecking as I imagined it would be) What a HUGE step for me!  I'm serious, I just might be able to give my own injections soon. ;)

Other changes:
*I've noticed that if I walk to fast, I feel a pulling pain (like endo) on my ovaries :(
*Spotting has stopped completely.(Nurse M says it's not unusual to spot and cramp during this part of the IVF cycle.  Good to know. )

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