June 28, 2010

The new family gag

You know the doll from Toy Story 3? Well, since we've seen that movie, we have been placing this doll around the house in different areas, trying to get each other (that the doll comes to life and makes her way around the house when we aren't looking) lol!!

So I've been on the couch, watching a movie. When it was over, I stretched and I hit something with my arm. I turn around, and what do I see?? This doll sitting right behind me, staring at me!!! Ahh! CHRIS!!!! LOL  
I admit, it freaked me out...

The first time he got me, was about 5 nights ago. It was pitch dark and I had my hands full, while walking upstairs. So, I'm walking super slowly, one step carefully at a time. I felt something touch my leg as I got to the last step. I adjust my eyes to see what it was --Chris had placed the doll sitting in the middle of the very top step. It was pretty creepy and he was CRACKING UP!!! lol

June 27, 2010

HPT #3

I dreamt, all night, that I was taking pregnancy test after pregnancy test.  Might be what happened yesterday, or it might just be because that's all that I seem to think about these days...

I woke up and Chris and KJ were still gone —they had gone to church and I chose to stay home.  My phone was dead so I had NO clue of the time.  I had planned on taking another hpt —because of what happened yesterday.  I just need to again . . .

I couldn't find my pack of tests.  I searched everywhere I could think to look for them.  I then started to wonder if I had even purchased a bulk order of hpts —because my dreams were so crazy . . . I had to try to figure out if purchasing tests was real or part of another dream that felt all too real.

I plugged my phone in.  I see the time —two in the afternoon!  WHAT?!?!  How in the world did I manage to sleep sooooo long?!  (I guess I have to mention that I didn't go to sleep until after six in the morning.  :(  I just tossed and turned and tossed and turned.  Either yesterday really messed with my head more than I knew —or the whole TTC is starting to mess with me...

I called Chris to find out if I really purchased hpts.  He laughed and told me I did.  He probably thinks I'm losing my marbles by now.  lol  So, when I hung up, I ended up searching and finding my bag of hpts under the pillow in the guest room!  I can only imagine that KJ found herself a baggie of "fun things" to play with.  haha.  I counted them and they were all there.

I finally got around to taking a test —it was negative...again.  :(

Who felt worse?

Today, our very good friend, Ciara, got married.  :)  I had the honor of singing during the ceremony.  I was nervous beyond belief (I haven't sung in front of others in waaaay too long) and when I got through the ceremony without passing out, I was ready to relax and enjoy the rest of the celebrations.

All that changed when we sat at a table, at the reception, and I was flat out asked, "So, when are you due?"  HA!!  I asked, "excuse me?!" (just making sure I heard her correctly) and she actually stalled a bit and then asked "are you expecting?" or "you're expecting, right?".  I, blinked, took a deep breath, smiled and kindly said "No."

I HATE SMALL TALK WITH STRANGERS!!!  I really don't like social events.  Must I explain any further?  People pulling random things out of the air -just to fill dead space.  Why must we talk?!  Can't we just sit at the same table and enjoy the reception without pretending that we care where we grew up, what we do for a living, how many kids we have, etc.?!?!  ugh.

I wanted to leave.  I really wonder who felt worse --the person that just put her foot in her mouth or the person that is desperately trying to conceive and just got called out for having a round figure.  :(  I felt bad for her . . . and I felt like crying for me.

I excused myself to go to the restroom to share the 'laugh' and awkward moment with my mom (I really just wanted to hide there for a while).  My mom was so kind with her words.  We both agreed that "maybe it's a sign" that it's coming soon for us...

About 20 mins later her and her husband excused themselves and left.  I was really relieved.  I don't know that I would have been able to suck that one up and enjoy the rest of my time with the happy Mr. and Mrs. Charles.  It still took me about and hour to shake it off and enjoy the celebration.

My husband was careful around me and handled it really well --with giving me a big hug and helping me get my mind off of it.  I know if I wasn't trying to conceive that I would have more than likely laughed it off and not even have been bothered by the question.  But that wasn't the case.  For the last week and a half, I have been calming myself as much as possible and reminding myself to trust God's timing with expanding our family.  I've been trying to focus on anything other than the fact that I'm so anxious to test again, after this last cycle.  So, Chris understood my hidden tears.  I could have just sobbed right then and there.

So, I just want to share with you another way to ask the same question and avoid a situation like this one.  :)
Choice one: "How many children do you have?" (if I were answering that question, and pregnant, I would respond by saying "we have one and one on the way")
Choice two:  "Planning on having any more children?" (if I were answering this question, and pregnant, I would respond by saying "Yup!  We have one on the way!")

Has this ever happened to you? (on either side of the situation)

How would you ask --without assuming the person's belly is a 'baby bump'?

Please share your stories . . . I'd love to know I'm not the only one.

Thanks to this lady, I'll probably test every day for the next two weeks!  ;)  (not really, but it will be hard to resist)

June 25, 2010

germs germs --go away!

My little KJ and I have been sick since last Friday.  She saw her doctor on Monday and it turned out she had a double ear infection and strep throat.  (picture on left:  KJ really upset after they bothered her with a strep test and flushed out her ears to get a good look at the infection) POOR GIRLIE!!  So, we've been stuck in out house waaaay too long.

I think her fever FINALLY broke today.  She was finally fever free ALL day today! :)

Tomorrow should be even better.

I, on the other hand, had who knows what (more than likely strep too) and hid behind a hacking, wheezing, cough!  It's still not completely gone and I'm supposed to be at a wedding rehearsal tonight (seeing how it's already Friday, 2:43am) --ready to rehearse  . . . I'm singing at my friends wedding this Saturday!  Yikes.  I can't believe I had all year long to loose my singing voice and my body chose now.  :(  So, God willing, my voice will just keep coming back more and more so that by Saturday, it will just sound raspy in a romantic, sexy, way!  ;)

It's been a long boring week of Tylenol, Motrin, Antibiotic, Pedialyte, thermometer readings, crazy high temps of 105, baths, cuddles, coughs, breathing treatments, and chicken noodle soup.

Tonight was a great night.  I skyped with a wonderful friend -for several hours, while she packed for her big move (taking place on Saturday ::sad face::)

It's Friday already.  Geez, this week flew right on by --thanks to all the 'sick germs' we've been fighting off.

Nighty night.  I guess staying up late doesn't help my body fully recover.  ;)  oops.

June 21, 2010

Just one pink line... (hpt #2)

I received my hpt strips today! :)  I used my first one.  It was 'negative'.  Second negative in 2010.  Next scheduled test date:  July 5th!  Say a prayer.

**I might do away with the signature . . . it just seems like too much for EVERY post.

My John Hancock

signature for my blog... what do you think?  Any other suggestions?

June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Here's a glimpse of our day:  Homemade shirts, lunch at Cosi, Toy Story 3, Slinky -the Toy Story dog- for KJ, Steak and baked potatoes, for Chris, and a very happy family for me.

KJ made an "I ((heart)) My Dad" and "I ((heart)) My Daughter" shirt for herself and her daddy to wear today.  :)  Her shirt was supposed to say "Daddy" -but I bought the last two packs of the iron letter, in the desired font, that the store had.  :(  She used a black Crayola Fabric Marker to draw the hearts on.  Beautiful hearts, if you ask me! :)
*I wish it didn't bug me that they aren't centered between the letters...  Chris was pleased when she handed him his shirt.  But his face LIT UP when he saw that she had a coordinating shirt!!  :D  That moment was priceless.  (and of course, I didn't get a picture because we were rushing off to go see Toy Story 3 with our parents -bummer for not catching his reaction on camera.)

KJ and Chris, waiting for the movie to start.

KJ looks super tiny in this pic.  She's lost in her shirt.  She insisted in having a hot pink shirt and they only had it in a Youth 6/7 when she still wears a Youth 4/5.  So, you'll probably see this shirt again for the next two years!  hee hee
*if you are planning on seeing this movie, I would suggest saving the extra $$$ and skip watching it in 3D.  It wasn't anything fancy at all.  We were waiting for something to jump out at us . . . but nothing.  We all loved the movie (ages ranging between 5 and 65+) but we could have saved a nice penny skipping the 3D show.

Oh, how I love these two!  They wore their shirts proudly.  I think they are super adorable.  I told KJ that we should make shirts more often (however, now thinking about it, we didn't actually "make" the shirts . . . I should say design or decorate, huh?!)

Me and my daddy. :)
(and KJ, of course)

How was your day?

June 18, 2010


Our family update:

We are all sick in some way or another --I think this is the first . . . a family who plays together, gets sick together?!

KJ has a fever again and a serious ear ache.  I have a fever, swollen throat, and a burning sensation when I breathe that causes me to cough (it's a vicious cycle).  Chris, well, he described having a scratchy throat (and I've heard him coughing -so it sounds similar to how I started and felt yesterday) and extreme exhaustion.  We've literally all been lounging today (so much that it felt like a "lazy saturday").  Poor Chris did work this morning though.  He worked from 630am-1130am and then headed to his dental appointment and picked up lunch and came home.  he's been sleeping since around 6pm or so (it's already 10:00pm).  I WANT TO SLEEP TOOOOO!  :(

TTC update
I know that we decided that we weren't going to stress and focus ONLY on TTC --but seriously!!  We need to put a little more effort into it! lol  I've started to wonder if we are subconsciously avoiding, how did my friend say it last night . . . "doing the brown chicken brown cow" (as in powwchickawowwow!  LOL) because we are so busy as a family of three and we are having quiet second thoughts about trying to become a family of four?!  Geez, even typing it out seems so strange . . . A Family of FOUR...  I did, however, two days ago, order my bulk supply of hpts (home preg. tests).  It wasn't a massive bulk of 100 or anything -hee hee, just a supply of 15, I believe (enough to ease my anxiety through August or September) --and then I got one free, for whatever reason.  :)  I love free things.  My grand total was only $10.60!  Even more reason to love bulk hpts -thanks Monica!  I do still feel it's a wise decision to only keep trying through the end of August or September because we are only 2 months into TTC and I'm already finding myself getting emotional when I see little ones.  I was watching a father's day commercial (advertising some store) and there was a handsome little, maybe 5 or 6 year old, boy playing ball with his father and I just teared up and told Chris, "aw, I want us to have a son..."  Uh, I don't know how crazy I'm going to seem to others when I'm staring at their child, crying. LOL  Can you say CRAY-Z!!!  I'm still doing "okay" though . . . actually, I must say incredibly well!!!  I have not had any major endo episodes or pains!  It's been wonderful.  The little stabs I get of it every now and then is very manageable.  I still haven't needed to take any pain meds sinc January!! Praise God!! :D

Last but not least, I would like to introduce the newest blog on the block . . . mrcmayfield's blog!  Yup, that's right!  I've still got "it"!  :)  hee hee  I had this GRAND idea one night, as I was updating my blog.  I told him "You know, hun, you should create a blog about what REALLY goes through your head as I nag and blab and talk your ear off about everything.  What do you REALLY want to tell me when I complain about me tripping over your shoes, that you left in the middle of the walkway, AGAIN!!? --what really goes on in that head of yours?!"  :)  Well, after a week or two of joking back and forth (we would be having a conversation and instead of responding back in conversation to me, he would say something like "Dear blog, today . . .")  It was a fun thing to throw around back and forth.  Well, earlier this week, I open my laptop, to sign on, and what do I see?  A cloud background with "MRCMAYFIELD" as the title.  :)  Now, I have yet to see an actual post, and we are still joking around with "Dear blog . . . ".  We joke saying that a blog post of his would look something like this:
"Dear blog,

I've been asking my wife to clip my toenails and she just laughs at me. . .what's the big deal?!

I gave in.  I clipped my toenails tonight.

I left the pile of clippings right where she'll step on them in the morning (evil laugh!).

mayfield out."

  -but I KNOW we would all LOVE to read what really goes on in that mind of his --living in our world of "togetherness" . . . his view point on marriage, his chatty wife, our energetic-super-imaginative 5 year old, the sometimes messy/not so messy home, and last but not least . . . TTC!  Every single blog I have ever followed about TTC has always been the woman's point of view. 

So, pay him a visit and start "following".  Maybe when he sees how interested others really are in a "male's" point of view -he'll start posting something?!  We won't know until we try, now, will we?  ;)

Happy Friday night and have a Happy Father's Day.

June 14, 2010

Pigtails and polka dots

Here's my happy 5 year old. (8 weeks away from turning 6)

This picture captures all the wonderful reasons I LOVE being a Mommy!  :)

Does packing toys away really work?!

KJ has had about 4 days to clean up her room.  My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Care Bears, zoo animals GALORE!!! --all over her room!  :(  So, today, after hours of telling her to clean her room (and finding her playing instead), I gave her "one last chance".  I told her that I was going to go back and check on her and if I caught her playing, instead of cleaning, that I was going to box up all those toys that weren't cleaned up.

Unfortunately, I went back and she was playing -AGAIN!  :(  I boxed them all up.  The only thing that was cleaned up, that she has left to play with, is all her Build-A-Bear stuff and her coloring books and art stuff.  I can't imagine that  those items would make too much of a mess but I told her that if her room became messy again that I would box those items up too.

Have you ever done this?  Does it work?  How do you get your little one to keep a clean room?  Chris thinks she just has access to way too many toys at once . . . maybe he's right.  :(  Any suggestions?  Please and thank you.

June 10, 2010

RIP Princess Cherry

Our pet hamster, Princess Cherry passed away on 6/9/10.

My little KJ experienced "loss" for the first time.  I woke up and did my usual routine around the house.  When I went to check on the hamster, as I always do, I noticed it "sleeping" in its food bowl.  My stomach turned immediately.  I knew it wasn't eating or sleeping.  :(  I had noticed for a few days some different sleep habbits -not burrowing in the bedding.  I had no idea I was going to find her like that though.

My first thought was to call Chris, he was upstairs sleeping in on his day off.  I knew I wouldn't be able to take her out of the cage.  Then I realized that KJ needed to know before we just took care of everything.  It's her pet and I felt she was old enough to know the truth.  (I'm big on telling her the truth)  So, the next thing that I thought was, "I'll call mom; she'll be able to give me good advice on how to handle this situation" (I had my fair share of pets growing up --and my fair share of having to bury my pets)

So, when it finally came time to telling KJ, I was prepared for her to take it pretty hard.  It was her present for her 5th birthday.  It was her very first furry friend that she was "responsible" for.  She talked with her hamster, showed her things through her cage.  She would even use a My Little Pony brush to brush her little hamster.  She loved that thing so much!  KJ told just about everyone about "Princess Cherry".

I also kind of thought she might not take is as hard and I was expecting because she had handled the death of a fish and aquatic frog very well.  I had already explained that the aquatic pets don't always live very long.

We all went to living room and sat on the couch to "talk".  When I shared the news with her, I choked up and started tearing up.  I knew her tears were coming when I saw her lips start to quiver and frown.  My heart broke for my baby, experience "loss" for the first time.  Her first reaction was "oh, no (as she was already crying) we're going to have to tell my friends..."  She said I should email or text the mommies of her friends and let them know that her hamster died.  Then when we explained that we could all bury her together, she said, "I don't want to bury her." I told her that she didn't have to -that mommy and daddy would do it if she didn't want to watch.  but then she said "can't we just keep her?"  lol!!  My poor baby didn't want to see Princess Cherry "go".

So, she wanted to be the one to take her out of the cage and lay her in her "grave".  She even pet her very gently, one last time and said, "aw, she's so cute.".  She handled the burial very well.  Then as we were walking back towards the house, she held my hand and said, while giggling, "At least she won't bite me any more!"  hee hee  such an optimist, just like her momma!  :)

Princess Cherry only came up in conversation about 2 times later that day.  We put the cage out of sight to help her 'move on'.  Thank God we had already planned a trip to Sea World so I think it really helped to get her mind on something fun.

Having a 5 year old bury their own pet is tough . . .

Today, I was caught off-guard when KJ asked if she could go out and see Princess Cherry again.  She actually wanted to see her dead hamster . . . I wonder if she understands that dead means gone forever.  I think she figures, 'well, I know where she is buried; can't I just go dig her up to see her again?'

I plan on printing out and framing a picture for Kj's room.

So, now we are down to just 3 fish...

following in my foot steps --NOOO!!!!

Okay, friends, please share with me how you get your child to clean their room.  Please make sure to include your child's age.  I need some encouragement (or a wake up call).

KJ, she's five (will be 6 in exactly 2 months), and just WON'T CLEAN HER ROOM!!!  Well, I mean, she will if I coach her through it one item at a time.  Chris and I have found ourselves just cleaning it for her because it just seems to drag on and on --for hours sometime.

I've tried rewards and consequences.  I haven't determined which one works "better".  I don't like being the "bad guy" but I just don't know what to do at this point.  I've organized that room, I don't know how many times, thinking "okay, it's going to work now." --and it doesn't last long.  :(

Growing up, I used to be the same exact way.  My mom and sis would just end up cleaning my mess up for me.  I used to whine, throw fits, and go HOURS with getting distracted when I was supposed to be cleaning my room.  To this day, I look at a mess and just get this creepy crawly feeling under my skin.  I don't want her to take after me.  I'm trying to intervene as best as possible. 

Please share your stories, strategies, and tricks.

Thanks so much!

As I learn about "blogging"

It's official.  I'm hooked.  I LOVE reading blogs!!  Blogs where real people seem real and "transparent".  I also really enjoy reading the DIY blogs, Mommy blogs, and the "think outside the box" parenting blogs.  You will notice that my "Sites I enjoy" column, on the left side of my blog, has been growing and growing --it will probably continue.

Well, I am currently reading what someone has "learned" in six months of blogging (read it here).  The first thing is that readers don't like word verification.  So, I just turned mine off.  Now, when you leave a comment, you won't have to read and type random words just to post a comment. :)

Blogging is my hobby, aside from 'gardening'.  I really enjoy it.  I'm trying to make the best of it, while also doing my best to remain real (what I look for in blogs and people).

Here's to you, Blog Readers!

June 8, 2010

TTC update

Finally, another day one!!  Praise God!!! Geez, it only took 54 days . . . (instead of the average 28 days).  I really didn't think I was going to have a second cycle.  I am miserably happy.  haha.  I get so excited on day one and then by day two, I'm hoping it will end soon.  I forget how miserable all of this is.  BUT not as miserable as wanting to conceive and not having any cycles.  :(  This is totally great for ttc.  Last time we "tried", in the whole 18 months, my body never worked properly.  I had not a single 'natural' day one (just with the help of medication).  So, two "natural"/non-Provera cycles in two months is FANTASTIC!!!  I am at least very thankful for that.  :)

So, God willing, this round will be successful.  :)  I still quietly watch as KJ plays alone, talks alone, well, to her stuffed animals and/or imaginary friends, that is, and wonder what we will do if we don't conceive in the next 2-3 months . . . adopt?  foster?  get a puppy?!

Building my garden

I've been slowly getting the hang of remembering to water and keep up with plants.  So far, I have 6 tomato plants (4 approx 6 inches tall and 2 approx 4 inches tall) and 4 Christmas trees (working on their 2nd rows of pines).  Yesterday I planted some 'forget me not flowers around my mesquite tree, in the back yard, and a small pot with lemon basil and another small pot with cucumbers.  I've been buying the Buzzy Grow Kits and I'm just loving them!  I haven't seen any buds just yet --but at least I haven't killed them yet either!

Now, I don't exactly know much about planting them into the ground and how to care for them after that.  I'm hoping I can keep mine potted for a long while.  I'm afraid that bugs and weather will kill the plants --or my forgetfulness with watering outdoor plants...  I guess I'll be setting a permanent alarm on my phone.

Today, I told KJ she can help me start the Sunflower and Strawberry grow kits.  We are super excited for the strawberries!!  I had been wanting the As Seen On TV strawberry plant --I believe it grows upside down.

I'll post pics once the start sprouting.  :)

June 2, 2010

Last Kinder event

Today is the big day.  KJ will be receiving awards and singing songs as a "so long kinder ... Hello first grade!"  Wow.  Yes, it does go by fast --too fast.  I'm so excited to be there and take it all in.  However, it's taking place in her class room!  :(  It will be packed with the 22 kindergartners, the teacher, teacher's helper, and who knows how many parents will be able to squeeeeze in...  :(  I would have loved to be able to pick a front row seat and have plenty of room for me, the little one I'll have with me, my tripod and camera, and her dad and grandparents.   Hopefully it doesn't feel too stressful and squished.

So, as KJ is prepping for summer and first grade, I am prepping to finally start school!  I'm so excited!  :D  I feel silly that I'm so excited --normally I just hear how people dread it.  I, however, am super excited because I finally feel that I'm "ready" to tackle it -along with motherhood, marriage, working at home, etc.  I know it's not going to be "a piece of cake" but I'm ready and super excited!  Thanks to my sis for helping me prep along the way (and she says that she'll continue to help me throughout my semesters!!), my mom for all the "mommy" support and encouragement, and to Chris who has FINALLY come around to supporting my decision.  :D  *so, if you have any experience in this area (going back to school 10 years after the original plan, please share!!)

I hope you enjoyed Memorial day weekend.  We haven't had a three day weekend together (no one having to work) in a very long time.  So, we were spoiled with sleeping in, family meals, and plenty of cuddle time . . . and then we were reminded all too quickly that everyone had to go back to work and school.  But "oh well!", right?  :)  Life must go on.  Summer is coming and June is already packed with events --backyard parties, bday parties, a baby shower, a wedding, playdates, field trips, etc.  phew!!  This will be our first "summer" and I'm loving it!! :D  *let's see how much I'm still "loving" it in a couple of weeks.  hee hee

Happy Wednesday to you.