July 28, 2008

Finally some good 'ol fun

Hi there! It's been quite a while, I think, since I last blogged. Just like everyone else's life, there has been SO much going on --in just about every part of my (and "our") life!! --some GREAT and amazing and some painful and overwhelming . . .

Well, I just had to blog about our weekend . . .

I enjoyed almost every part of the weekend (yes, "almost" :( )
We had date night on Friday. Kryssa spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house. So, Chris and I went to Red Robin for dinner and we ate at the Bar, which is a date night feel for us because w/ Kryssa we HAVE to sit at a table. ha ha --the little things that excite me . . . being able to sit at the bar (not to drink it up, lol! Just to "change things up a bit" -because we always sit at tables when we're out as a family . . . so going out, just the two of us, means that we can do things differently!! get it?! lol). Then we went to the Palladium for a 'late' (11:45pm) showing of Hancock. We thought it was a really great movie (can I say that? "Really great"? haha, I don't even remember what words go together . . .).

Saturday, I got UNINTERRUPTED sleep (yay!!) and got to sleep in until 10:30am!! Woohoo!!! I met up w/ a friend and visited a British Tea House for lunch -no children w/ us, just good 'ol gal time. It was so much fun --except they didn't have the variety of tea we thought they would :( . So, we plan on trying out a new one real soon. Then Chris and Kryssa joined in on the fun and our two families BBQ'd some yummy yummy steaks and corn cob . . . it was a late night of eating great food, playing cards, and laughing until we cried (and snorted)!! lol --good times, good times!

Sunday morning, we met up at Mimi's Cafe w/ some old friends, that were in town, and had breakfast - Yummy food!! :D After that we headed to my parent's house because my sis was in town and we wanted to stop by for a quick "hello" before they headed back to Austin. After already having a very nice weekend, it got even better when I got to SHOP (while Chris was at the Apple Store at La Cantera -standing in line for 2 hrs just to buy his new iPhone)!! woohoo!! ha ha. I got some clothes, shoes, sleepy time attire and other little nik-naks . . . Kryssa got plenty of outfits too (about 10 outfits -dresses and some shorts and shirt sets)!! :) We bought some little gifts for Kryssa's birthday, etc. I was at the store waaaaaayyyyyy too long -but after all that shopping, we ate at Cosi, at The Rim, w/ Chris's dad. It was a super great weekend!

We have soooo much to do to get ready for Kryssa's bday party, which we're really behind on, unfortunately. :( So, this week will probably only be busier than the last --but Chris is off on Wednesday and we are hoping to finally use our Schlitterbahn tickets, that we got from an HEB promotion, back in June, for FREE!!!!!! Woohoo!!

This is the part of the year that I call "the holiday snowball" --Once our anniversary passes (which it did, July 6) we just have to hold on tight and keep breathing until about March or April, when everything calms down again . . . birthday after birthday, holiday after holiday and more birthdays . . . here it comes and I'm super excited! :D Oooh, because we have a few vacations mixed in all that, again this year.

Wow, well, that's an update, i guess . . .

Have an amazing week!