November 23, 2006

7 more hours . . .

Almost time for the festivities . . . hee hee.
Okay, so I have had one amazing day today.  It's been so special in it's own way because most of the day was just me and Kryssa.  She was super today, thank God.  I don't think I would have gotten so much done today if she would have had "one those days", you know?!  Well, 'we' (she actually did help a lot today! it made it that much more fun for me) made a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie.  I wasn't able to make my cheese cake tonight because I ran out of vanilla extract -but I have it now and I will have my cheese cake done, some time in the late morning.
Um, the turkey is stuffed and ready to be place in the oven -that needs to be done at 8am.  So, 7 more hours for that . . .
Kryssa is sleeping over at Grandma and Grandpa's house and I am done in the kitchen for tonight.
Oh, we finished setting up our Christmas tree, as we watched the movie Elf.  (It's tradition for us -a christmas movie while setting up the tree. ).  Kryssa helped decorate that and it was just so wonderful!  I really enjoy just watching how much she is capable of doing . . . she can actually participate w/ the "Holiday" stuff now -how exciting.  What great memories I'll have.  Oh, I can't even imagine what she will be able to help out w/ next year . . .
Here are some pics:
Kryssa helping out w/ the baking:

The Pumpkin Pie BEFORE she started to "help" out:

The Pumpkin Pie AFTER Kryssa "helped" out:

LoL, I didn't even get mad or anything -how could I?  She really felt that she helped w/ the Pumpkin Pie -plus it's going to be gobbled right up tomorrow; atleast I got a 'before' picture!  She was smacking the pie w/ the whisk and really digging it in there while happily saying, "I did it! A Pumpkin Pie, Mommy.  Bate, Bate (spanish for stir/beat). . ."  So, it now has her WONDERFUL creative touch!!
Kryssa helping out w/ the Pecan Pie:

The Pecan Pie:

Kryssa decorating her part of the Christmas tree -over and over again.  She would put them on and then take them off -over and over . . . Lots of fun though!

These must be those memories that 'mommies' never forget.  The ones that I will tell her over and over again -no matter how old she gets. . . I know my mommy has stories/memories that she loves to tell -as if it was just yesterday . . .GREAT memories.I
t's been such a wonderful day w/ Kryssa and then when Chris got home and, of course, w/ my parents (my mom was over helping me w/ the stuffings -sharing some family recipes) . . . I look forward to tomorrow!

November 22, 2006

It's official!

Chris got his promotion!!  He will be the Assistant Manager at his new branch!  Wooo hoooo, Thank You Jesus!!!!
Oh, I am too excited.  This is one of the many blessings God has handed out . . . Things are just WONDERFUL!  Praise God for it all. 

This calls for a celebration!!
Oooh, feel free to send some love (Congratulations!) Chris's way -if you have access to his page . . .

November 21, 2006

I should know better

Okay, so I have had several blogs about Kryssa getting into my purse and eating up all my gum.  Well, once again . . .
She came over to me all happy.  One hand full of white stuff and the other full of crumpled up paper.  She came to me and said "Here mommy.  That's trash."  So, as she placed it all in my palm, I realize that the crumpled paper is about 8 empty gum wrappers!  The other hand had all the 8 unwrapped pieces of gum -well, minus how ever many she was smacking, loudly, in her mouth.  So, she took off running when she realized that I was going to take them away from her.  She calmly said, "okay, mommy, a Syssa get TWO gums."  I told her that since she already had gum in her mouth that we would have to put the others away for "later".  She cried a bit and she actually just looked too cute.  She was smacking her gum wearing a sticker on her forehead!!  lol, What a "kid" moment.
So, I took a pic of her just for the funny little memory . . . (pic no longer available)

November 20, 2006

A dream came true

A dream came true . . . for My Love.  Christmas came early for us this year -for one particular gift.  Chris has been wanting this allllll year long and now he is in 'lala land' and all googly eyed over the new "baby" of the house -lol
So, here it is:  His first flat screen tv (picture is no longer available)

Silly Chris!  He LOVES it!!!  After they brought this home, they had to go buy a new stand to hold the Tv up and away from Kryssa's little 'curious' fingers!  So, Kryssa and Gavin are "helping" (I guess, really, they were just drumming on it and having a blast while Chris was strugglin' to get it together).  Hee hee -Little hands are the best help . . . *giggle*   

So, now the only things in our living room (for now) are the couch, chair, side table and tv.  It seems so empty, like when we first moved in.  Soon, hopefully tonight or tomorrow night, the Christmas tree will go up!! Yay!
What can I say?  I'm not all for fancy tvs or whatever (when I was finally allowed to have a tv in my room, growing up at home, it was a black and white, "click click" turn the dial type tv -it was small enough to fit in my lap -get the picture?) ---but this, I can definitely get used to -hee hee.  Honestly, I was a little freaked out when I saw them walk through the door w/ that thing.  I thought it was going to be a lot smaller.  At first, w/ the way our living room was set up -I would get dizzy watching tv because it was way too close for that size screen. . .we've moved it around and are now considering purchasing a sectional couch to accommodate the new placement of the tv.  It's either the king size bed I NEED, in order to get some well needed rest, OR a new couch and chair, or sectional . . . Hm, don't know which to get.  It's a tough decision.
I love it . . . .WE love it!! 
Thank you so much Poppa!!!