October 12, 2012

IVF #1, Day 14: 1 day post egg retrieval

We aren't even at the 'two week wait' and today was seriously one of the longest days I've had in a long while.

I couldn't sleep last night; so I stayed up watching Battleship.  I probably fell asleep around 2/2:30am.  I thought I was going to sleep in, from being so tired.  Instead, I was up to the bathroom, to tinkle, twice an hour from 11pm to 3am.  Then it slowed down to once every hour until around 7am.  I had NO idea I would be up, tinkling all night long!  However, I didn't have any choice because a full bladder makes for horrible endo pain.  So I teeter-tottered in the dark, very carefully, across my room many, many, times . . . and didn't get sleep —no big deal; I just wasn't expecting such an eventful night.

I opened my eyes at 8am, to check my phone for the email from the embryologist.  Nothing.  I made sure to turn up my ringer, so that I could hear when a new email came through.  8:23am, "bing!".  There it was, "Your IVF cycle".
Hi Michelle,
How are you feeling today?  Hopefully not too sore.  I just want to give you an update on how things went yesterday.  We collected 9 eggs.  Of those eggs, 7 were what we call mature and were able to be inseminated.  Eggs must reach a certain stage of development in order to be inseminated.  Of those 7, 4 are fertilized.  So you have 4 embryos.  They look great!  I'll contact you again on Sunday to let you know the time of you enbryo transfer on Tuesday.  It will be in the morning sometime.
Honestly, the email made me sad.  I did not expect to drop down from nine to four in one night.  I knew the numbers would drop between retrieval day and transfer day; I just really didn't expect to lose five over night.  I tried to stay positve.  I'm just praying that they survive another fours days.  Please little embryos, make it to our transfer day!

My belly was still sore from yesterday.  My back was another story!  :(  My lower spine, all the way to the end of my tailbone, was so extremely achy, stiff, and causing a lot of problems.  I had been recovering so well —from injuring my back last November (bulging disc, which caused the fluid to  escape, and pushed up against some nerves).  I was able to do normal activity, like brush my teeth, paint my toenails, change my clothes, dry off after shower, etc. with out limitations and pain.  Not today!  I could barely move!  It was soooo extremely painful.  I figured it just had to do with the fact that they had to really push around on my belly to get to my left ovary —it probably put a lot of stress on my lower spine.

On a better note, I'm not peeing every 30 minutes! haha.

Tonight was a great night!  We had my parent's over for "mexican night" (aroz con pollo and pinto beans for dinner and my mom and Chris made leche quemada for dessert).  It was a wonderful time together! ... and then we had to get back to [our] reality —injections.

I had Wednesday night and last night off.  No injections needed.  But tonight, we had to start my progesterone injections.  Chris did a great job, again.  He darted it in like a champ!  And he pushed in the oil nice and slowly —to avoid "the burn".  However, I think, towards the end of emptying out the syringe, Chris must have started to tilt it or something; it felt like it was slanting and digging in my skin.  :(  It burned a bit more than necessary.  KJ watched nervously and held my hand, when she heard that I was in pain from the needle, saying, "It will all be over soon.  I'm right here, mom."  —and we all survived.  ;)

I'm not sure if it's the progesterone or not but I'm sweating like crazy!!!  I got the injection about two and a half hours ago and the hot flashes started about an hour ago.  I'm used to hot flashed from my wacky hormones, before IVF, but these are much more extreme and lasting much longer (similar to when I was on Lupron).  *new side effect, I guess.

Now I'm sitting here, wondering if I should bug the embryologist tomorrow.  I'm anxious to see if we will still have four embryos.  She did say that I could contact her if I had any questions over the weekend... does this question count??

I hope to get a good night's rest —with as little interruptions as possible.  I'm super bloated, but not OHSS bloated.  My back feels a bit better tonight —but my tailbone is still aggravated. 

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