April 4, 2015

Third pregnancy, fourth baby | Week 16: Pain, sushi, and watermelon.

How far along?
16 weeks on 3/31/15

How big is baby?
About the size of an avocado.  Or almost the size of my iphone 5s.

How am I feeling?
Pretty good!  I've really enjoyed gardening again!  No regular nausea.  Super sleepy, feeling like napping every day (but that's also because the twins still don't really sleep through the night).  

I'm pretty sure I have 'symphysis pubis disfuntion'.  I had excruciating pain while pregnant with the twins, probably started closer to 25/30 weeks though.  This time around, it started around 14/15 weeks.  :(  It's so incredibly painful.  And it correlates with crazy pain in my left hip.  I can still manage to get through my days --as long as I listen to my body and rest when needed.

Oh!  I think I finally experienced my first moment of

April 3, 2015

In the midst of all the waiting... (SPD and ASD)

Oh, the waiting.  No solutions.  No answers.  Just a whirlwind of emotions from everyone involved.  What a LONG and draining process this has been.

Our oldest, 10 years old, was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (September 2014).  We thought it was all the answers we needed. We thought we were on the right road to getting the help we needed —in hopes of understanding how to better face the challenges at hand. 

My sad, broken, confused, momma heart just needed answers... Needed hope that life would smooth out and that raising and parenting our 10 year old would feel right again.