October 31, 2007

Ah, Halloween (a relaxing ah, not scared ah)

So, I hope this doesn't get too long . . .

Today, I really felt like super mom!! :D It's a great feeling -but not something I'd like to do every day. So, I had a last minute Yum-Yummies! order that came in yesterday and I had them ready to go --all I needed was a box before delivery--. So, Kryssa and I went to purchase the box. From there we went to deliver them. After that, we went to purchase last minute things for Chris and Kryssa's costumes. Let me see . . . and then . . . I think we came home and started the whole busy busy stuff --I made Kryssa's bat wings, ears and mask. Then I baked our cupcakes for tonight. While those were cooling, I started on Chris's Jack head (from last year -but it needed some improvements). By that time, my parents arrived and then shortly after came chris and then right after him came his dad. So, the FUN started!! :D Pizza, cupcakes, candy, "Batty" and Jack were great for entertainment. Then the "fun" got a little hectic -right before "trick or treat" time. I'm so happy -Stacie, Gavin, and Nichole came over- Kryssa had a little friend to trick or treat with!! :D Then a little later, Ashley, Amanda, and Hannah joined us --so Kryssa had two little friends to trick or treat with. She had a BLAST!!!!

So, Chris was Jack again --but this time he could actually see out of the Jack head -lol- So, he had a BLAST! He even went to a couple of houses, as Jack, to trick or treat and he said that the reactions were great -lol-.

Well, I didn't want this to get too long . . . soooooo, we had a wonderful day, evening, and night!! :D Kryssa was thrilled to be the little bat she wanted to be --she didn't want to take her wings off when it was potty/bed time. I had a wonderful time seeing how Chris and Kryssa enjoyed their costumes --that was enough for me. But then you add friends and family . . . it only gets better!!! :D

October 10, 2007

Maybe you can answer this for me

OKay, so, this is something I've asked over and over and still continue to ask --what are your thoughts . . . what's your answer . . . please don't hesitate to say it like it is (or at least your version of what it is) --spill it.

If everything happens for a reason . . .

If destiny is already set . . .

If What's meant to be Will be . . .

when something happens or is happening --is that situation happening because its surroundings have caused it to happen? Is there a way to keep 'certain things' from happening . . .


are those situations lined up and waiting to happen -regardless of any of the surroundings? Like TOUGH, it is what it is and now you just have to figure out the solution -even if you're not ready to figure it all out . . .

Is it possible to know what's coming before it comes --like a warning of how to avoid and/or be prepared for those certain things --OR is that "knowing" creating it all --causing it all TO happen . . . the very thing that is trying to be avoided?!?!

Does any of it make sense?

. . .
I look forward to reading your response
. . .

Have you seen the movie SlidingDoors? --I wonder if situations could be altered by skipping around them, by looking the other way, by just not knowing little bits of information --by changing things up instead of doing the usual . . .

No "wake up call" this morning

Well, Kryssa is in Austin. We dropped her off at Grandma and Grandpa's last night and they drove to Austin this morning. We will be picking her up tomorrow. It's been really really strange around here. Normally, if she spends the night with Grandma, I see her the next day around this time 2pm, sometimes earlier. But last night, Chris and I joked, "Did you check on Kryssa?", as we jumped into bed. We always check on her one last time before we turn off our light and settle into bed. Well, this morning, I heard a russling noise and my first thought was, "oh, here comes Kryssa." --then I remembered, "oh, wait. Kryssa isn't here . . . what was that noise then?" Then I realize that my cats are making a bunch of noise waiting to come out of their room. I am sooooo used to Kryssa coming down the hallway and jumping into bed with me to wake me up. No need for an alarm --she wakes me up around 8:40am every morning. So, today, I dosed off again and didn't wake up until 1pm!!! Oh my!! I got more than enough rest . . . so, it's been really wierd being here at home without my energetic 3 year old. I miss her, I do, but I'm enjoying this time too.

So, enough blogging, I have to go enjoy being "Mishelly" w/ Chris --not mommy and daddy, until tomorrow!! hee hee I get to bake, clean, go out, and work w/out Kryssa. It's going to be different . . .

(I know I know, it may not sound like a lot of fun to clean -but it has to get done and I'm sure it will get done quicker than usual. Baking is what I really enjoy doing and without her here to aske to "taste it" every 10 mins . . . well, that will go by quickly also -ha ha. And working -well, with the work that I do, she basically "comes to work with me" every time I work. So, I am working tonight and it will just be me and a baby --she will be sad to know she didn't get to see him again -but I know she is having a blast with Antie and Uncle, in Austin!! Yay for her and Yay for us!! :D

Enjoy your weekend!

October 9, 2007

"for the realz"

i wish there was way to know if people are being real. I mean, is it too much to ask for? I can't make anyone change their ways --but why communicate something if it's not what you really mean to say. Why act friendly if it's quite the opposite of what you really feel. why not find a way to say what you really want to say -- why not live real?

at some point the real motives will be revealed along with everything else that is real.

ugh . . . well, that's my dirt for today. I think . . . ha ha

October 8, 2007

Yeah, this subject, AGAIN

So, I just had to get on and blog about 'this'

So, let me just say, this is just a little 'me' vent. I hope you understand. I do my best to be as 'real' as I can with those around me --so, when I've said 'congratulations', I have meant it. If you know me well, you know that this is just a little emotional vent.

Okay, geez, I don't know who will read this . . . but here it is . . .

So, this month is the 10th month of us TTC. :( Yes, it has been 10 months already. Well, I just read news of another pregnancy and my first reaction was "Oh, how WONDERFUL!!!". Then it hit me that right before I sat and opened my computer, I had expressed to Chris how sad I was/am about our 'journey' of TTC. Also, about an hour before, I had made some kind of comment to Chris -along the lines of "Geez, I can't believe how many pregnant people we know. I know our time will come --but I really can't believe . . . well, I guess I can believe it, I just didn't think it would take this long to conceive . . .". (we had actually been talking about it on the way home tonight) I kind of got over that little moment and then I came home to read some wonderful news for a wonderful person. I had my little cry and felt better, for the most part. Okay, so, I hope no one gets offended --I hope I am understood . . . I am emotional and a little overwhelmed with TTC. It hasn't happened in 10 months and I just wish we could be next. So, I think we have heard the "great news" from 14 or 15 different people around us. Seriously. No Joke! Some time in May, I think, we had only heard news of 8 pregnancies, and now, it's almost doubled . . . The last pregnancy we counted was at 12 or so and then about 2 weeks ago or so, we heard of one, then several days ago, I heard of another and then tonight, I heard of another! So, the number just keeps going up and up.

So, yes, maybe I seem a little coo coo about this --but until you have walked this road, some people just might not understand. Also, I DO KNOW that some people have waited longer and been through a lot more than our 10 months --but it is a tough road and I just pray that my 10 months don't turn into 15 or 20 . . . some times people try to encourage me by telling me how they "tried" for 3 years, some even 7! -and that my 10 months aren't that bad . . . I know that there will always be someone with a heavier load --but right now, this is one my 'heavy loads'.

I just really can't wait for everyone to have their baby --because, there is just something soooooo amazing and heart warming about a newborn!!! :D So, see, I really am super excited for all these pregnancies -I mean, I wouldn't be "me" if I wasn't . . .but this situation is a tear jerker for me -every here and there.

God knows why I must walk this road --with everything else that is going on in my life right now, I have been able to keep my mind off "baby", for the most part. But tonight it hit me, after seeing 3 'bellies' and hearing the 2nd 'good news' this week.

So, now that I've typed this out --I kind of wonder why I sat and typed it all out. I guess that typing this helped me feel better --now that I've let it out.

Once, again, I'm not some cooky "need to be pregnant" lady . . . just a 'real' person, TTC, learning how to cope with and overcome the hurdles that are placed in front of me right now.

October 4, 2007

where's the snooze button?!

7:45am --rise and shine: according to Kryssa. I know I said that I didn't want to sleep in too much, but waking up before 8am?! That's not much of sleeping in at all. Except, compared to when I was working those full time weeks --I was up by 6am, working by 6:30 . . . so, I guess 7:45 isn't all that bad?!

So, I didn't get any morning quiet time -which is actually really important . . . it's a good way to start the day. But that didn't happen this morning because Kryssa woke everyone up :( .

I guess I should get some housework done before I head out to have lunch and shop . . .