December 7, 2012

12/7/12: The Twinkies are already giving me white hair!!

What should have been a nice relaxing day of hanging out with a friend, crafting with our kiddos, turned into the first big scare of the pregnancy...

I thought I just needed to tinkle... and then everything changed.  Blood... clots... light cramping... a nervous call to my doctor... pack up the kiddos... hurry over to my doctor's office... pray, pray, pray for two heartbeats!!!

My friend was such a HUGE blessing today.  Chris and I are still down to one car right now, so she picked me and KJ up so that we could go to her house to spend the day.  Then she ended up driving me to my doctor's office and waiting for me, while taking care of KJ and her two kiddos.  I can't thank her enough!

Dr. R checked my cervix and confirmed that it was still completely closed but, yes in deed, there was blood.  He did a transvaginal sono and found two beautiful heartbeats and a very very wiggly Teeny (baby A), again.  Tiny (baby B), once again was just floating around, waving every now and then.  :)  What a RELIEF! —they're okay!!  Praise God!!  Dr. R checked the length of the cervix and the lining and said it all looked great.  He then checked the position of the placenta and it is right on top of my cervix.  He says that is more than likely the cause of the bleeding and clots.  The placenta is still expected to move upward; so it wasn't a concern, he said.  I was just told to take it easy all weekend and not to over do anything.  I was so glad when he told me that I didn't have to be in bed all weekend but I definitely need to rest as much as possible and take it easy.

So, that I can definitely do!  I sure know how to take it easy around here.  Ask Chris!  lol  ;P

The great thing about this emergency is that I walked out of the office with a beautiful picture of each little Twinkie.  :)  (and since it was transvaginal, it is a much better quality than yesterday's pic)

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