August 12, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Finally, I'm sitting and making time to blog...

A lot has happened since my last post.  Although, it seems as though it's just been a few days or so.  Here is the quickest update I can give (normally I blab on and on —So, I'm doing my absolute best to keep it short and sweet.)  :)

I think this is our last month.  I'm ready to stop already —due to endo acting up and really causing me serious pain.  However, I really do want a second baby so, I do my best to 'suck it up' and stay focused on more positive things.  I don't remember what pregnancy test number I'm on —maybe #8?  9?  If it just doesn't happen for us again we really have our hearts set on adoption.

KJ starts first grade in TEN DAYS.  wow!  She is going to a new school because the 'zones' have now changed for our neighborhood.  She's not too excited about that; however, she is SUPER excited to start first grade.  :)  We have all of her school clothes purchased and ready.  We also have most of her school supplies (we just need a RED folder and a "multi-purpose composition notebook" —have yet to find one; I still need to google it to see what exactly it is!! lol).  All we have left to buy now are her shoes... she still needs two more pairs (brown and blk).  I wish I could shop every year like we do for her 'school stuff' —3 "dress" shoes, in brown, blk, and white, white sandals, brown sandals, gym tennis shoes (her play shoes), and a pair of 'nice' tennis shoes (for non gym days).  She still has two pairs of rain boots that fit .  .  . can I just buy a new pair of jeans?!  Please?!  (lol)

KJ turned 6 on August 10.  Like every other parent, I can't believe how quickly the time has passed.  We celebrated with a Skating Party and she had a BLAST!!  I, however, really feel like I missed out on the "party" part of the party . . . She's now at the age where she doesn't need me around her all the time; she was able to go off on her own with her friends —so she was on the skate floor more time than she was off, it seems, and I was in the party area taking care of 'stuff'.  If I would have known how I would feel after the party, I would have asked someone else to take care of 'stuff'.  :(  Oh, well, I definitely know now for next year—make it simple to be able to enjoy the birthday girl.
Here are some pics:

on our way to the skating rink
KJ skating!
Littlest Petshop Cake  (I was so excited to make this for her!!)
family picture

Austin, TX:
KJ and I spent 4 weeks in Austin (coming home on the weekends, of course, because we missed Chris too much.)
Here are some pics:
KJ with her best bud "Bolt"
I learned how to knit!
Home-baked gingerbread cookies
water play
@ Zilker Park
my scarf —before I undid it to start a new one.
road trip
being a unicorn
tons of potato head play time
some museum (I can't remember the name) with "stuffed" animals (eeeeek!)
Entertaining one another at the pottery place (while auntie finished up her project)
Library trip turned into KJ's pretend "Book Store" at the house.  :)
At a bird exhibit
my new and current scarf project
Lego fun (we built a piano and some benches and then the girls 'jammed' out)
playdoh fun (a bear)
a giraffe
KJ's baby  :)
KJ's snake
hippity-hoppity fun
Chris now has a second job.  He picked up a part-time job as a night manager at Chick-fil-a to work at paying off debt sooner.  He's super exhausted these days but is in good spirits still.  :)  We spend as much time together on his days/evenings off.

My days are about to get super busy again, once we get back on our 'school schedule'.  I will do my best to post more frequently again.  I'm sure there will be plenty to share about us Mayfields.  ;)