August 29, 2008

We are walking into our "late 20’s"! Really?!?! Us?!

Chris turned 27 yesterday. I LOVE birthdays and I'm always super giddy planning a birthday celebration. Well, this year, I couldn't let it out as much. I had planned a surprise birthday dinner at Houlihan's to celebrate Chris's birthday. I invited a few of his friends and co-workers -and, of course, family. I wasn't sure if I was on the right path of leading him to believe it was just a night for the two of us. I told him that I had dinner reservations at Houlihan's for just the two of us and then a little something special planned for after dinner. I told him that my parents would watch Kryssa and that he would get his gift when we got home later that night.

The night before his birthday, right before midnight, I ask if he wants anything from downstairs, since I was already headed downstairs. He asks for milk and oreos, hee hee. So, as I start getting the plate, I realize that it is almost midnight, we always wish a Happy _____ (whatever the occasion is) at midnight. So, I make an oreo mountain/pyramid, break open the top cookie and stick a candle in the cream. I light it and walk upstairs. I hear him reading a book to Kryssa, I thought she was already asleep. I walk in anyway, singing Happy Birthday -I'm taking video in one hand, the plate of cookies balancing on top of the cup of milk in my other hand. That was the 'pre birthday celebration', I guess. hee hee

Birthday morning, everyone sleeps in and then Chris decides that he is going to cut the grass in the front (the rain had made it super fluffy!). i suggested maybe doing it another day but since he had the day off he figured he would get it done. Well, he had already put in his request for my "special fruit pancakes" so I got right to work. :) After breakfast, we all lounged around the house . . . I trimmed his hair, waxed his brows, and 'purtied' myself up for our 'date'. :D

4:30 rolls around and I had told him that I would be leaving at that time to 'beat traffic' to take Kryssa to my parents' house. Really, I needed to pick up his bday cake and balloons, wrap his gift at my parents' and change Kryssa into her 'party attire'!!

I get a chance to run my errands, a little hectic here and there w/ Kryssa's third nose bleed for the day, CRAZY traffic (and if you know my driving, I'm a very passive driver -but I definitely had to make my way in and out of traffic to get around traffic and run my errands), and lovely rainy weather. I got stuck in nasty traffic on the way back home and I was txting him that I was so sorry and hopefully we wouldn't lose our table and have to be on the wait list and be late to our second event, remember, there is no table for two or second event.

Up till that point, I'm really not sure if he was buying my story or not. I wasn't sure if he really knew what I had going on. Well, I hurry w/ getting all 'purtied' up and I drive us to Houlihan's. I called and "asked them to hold our table for two" -that I was running late and really didn't want to have to wait because we had somewhere else to be later . . . blah, blah, blah ---when I had already talked w/ the hostess and we had planned it all out: to get there "late", be sat at a table 'for two' and then I would have a reason to request a more 'private' table for the two of us and she would take us up to the "surprise" table!! I was soooo nervous, driving in the rain, concerned that I was running a little too late, and hoping that I hadn't slipped up somehow and given the surprise away . . .

The whole time we are driving to Houlihan's, Chris is txting away on his phone planning out his own birthday get together for Friday -because he doesn't know what was waiting for him. So, he stayed busy, thank God, because his dad parked right in front of the restaurant -even though he said he wouldn't!!!! So, I park across the parking lot and I'm hoping he wouldn't see my parent's car either . . . I go the long way around the parking lot and I am really surprised he never questioned why I walked allll the way around . . . then we we were coming close to the doors, where his dad's truck stood out like a sore thumb, I pointed over to some netting suspended between the light posts and ask him what that is for. ha ha, clever me, it was the opposite direction of his dad's truck and he totally fell for it!! He goes on explaining that it's because of the golf course behind there and all the way until we got inside the doors, I'm asking him to show me where the golf course is "no, really?! I don't see it?!" -lol. Well, I ask for our reservation for two and the hostess takes us down to a booth and asks "is this alright?" I say, "Well, I was really hoping for something a little more private, maybe off in a quite spot. A table would be better." She looks at me and mouths "now?" and I nod. Chris is still on his phone and he is just following behind and then asks, "what's going on? where are we going?" I tell him what I told the hostess and he says "oh, okay" and goes right back to txting! lol As we walk up to the table, he doesn't even really notice that he knows the people until he realized there weren't any available tables up there . . . Oh, the look he gave me as everyone yelled "SURPRISE!" is priceless!!!! :D He really had NO CLUE!! I'm sooooo thankful and I was soooooo excited!!! I was sneakily recording it on my camera and I love to watch it over and over, the look he gave me and him pointing his finger at me as if saying "youuuuuuu little sneak!" hee hee :)

it was great and I will always remember how happy he looked to see everyone there and he kept asking me how I planned it all and pulled it all off w/out him knowing!! Yay!! He is sooooo hard to surprise . . . so I am just soooo happy to know that we all really surprised him --for real, for real!! hahahah :)

So, my babe is 27! And to think I, too, am walking into my "late 20's!!! Wow!!

I know it's a long blog; but yesterday, meant so much to me --watching Chris have such a wonderful time! :D

Again, for everyone who helped out in any and every way, Thanks for making his birthday so memorable!! :)