March 25, 2008

getting ready for the 'outdoors'

we went shopping yesterday. I’m so excited . . . we bought a hammock (finally!) w/ a hammock stand and some other stuff for the back yard. For the front yard, we bought ’porch furniture’ -2 chairs and a glass table. We’ve been wanting something for our porch since we’ve moved in (3 yrs ago). We had plastic chairs set out but it just wasn’t working for us. So, we finally found something that will work for a while, hopefully. :)

I’m allllllllmost done w/ Kryssa’s play room . . . I just need to move her train table upstairs and sort through some more toys and books (remembering what is just hers vs. daycare/community property -ha ha. poor thing has been sharing a LOT of her stuff).

I think I’m starting work next week . . . not too sure yet. It’s been a LONG vacation (something like 3 months?!) . . . it’s more like a "leave" -not vacation, ha ha. I’ve enjoyed it; there’s still so much stuff that I wanted to get done and haven’t yet. BUT at the same time, I really really really look forward to seeing all the kiddos!!! :D Kryssa does too.

So, we are heading outside to enjoy the wonderful weather and set up the hammock --and do some more ’spring cleaning’ outside. Chris is real motivated to get some serious yard work/landscaping work done . . . I’m excited because he’s SUCH a hard worker --when he wants something to get done, he does it ASAP!! and does it VERY well! God willing, in the next week or so, we’ll have our 12x15 cement ’patio’, gardening (front and back), walk way in the front, and treated grass. We’ll see . . . anyone want to come have some ’FUN’ w/ us?!?! hee hee ;)

Happy spring to you and hope everything is going wonderfully!

**TTC update:
6 days ’late’ :D Yay!
2 (-) results :( Booooooooo.
God willing my body didn’t just stop working again . . . ’cause then back to fertility treatments :( I hope I have GREAT NEWS as to why I am ’late’. I’ll keep you informed.
May God’s will be done. and may we be well prepared for whatever results come our way. :)

March 17, 2008

99 Balloons

At church, this past sunday, Pastor Doug talked about "what happens when you don’t get the miracle you’ve been asking for?"

This video was shared and I wanted to share it w/ you:

In case your curious about the connection of the video to the message, I will post the link as soon as it’s available, on http://www. brcc. net/Services/StreamingAudio/tabid/1056/Default. aspx.

A thought: Even though things don’t always seem to go the way we would like them to . . . what if the impact of a situation is much greater than the requested miracle itself?!

Stay encouraged!