February 7, 2013

18 weeks +6: Gender Scan/Prenatal appointment on 2/5/13

Quick Update:

Both babies are currently head down.  They were both major wiggle worms for the sono tech.  I did NOT accidentally see their genders!  Teeny weighs a whopping 10 ounces and Tiny weighs 11 ounces!!  According to their measurements, the EDDs for the babies are June 27th and June 30th.  Now, the actual due date won't change.  The EDD will stay July 4th.  All that means is that they are growing very very nicely!! :D  I want big healthy babies!! I want them to have a great chance of little to no NICU time, if they do end up coming earlier than they should.  But God-willing, I will join the Hall of Fame for carrying my twins to full-term! ;) hee hee.  Oh, and my cervix is still a nice length, I was told.  It's 5.1 inches.  (is that right?  is it measured in inches? lol.  I think I was still on cloud nine, hearing that they look fantastic and are growing perfectly --and that the contractions/braxton hicks that I have been experiencing do NOT seem to be changing my cervix; which was not the case with my first pregnancy.).  Praise God for such great news!!  :)

Our precious twinkies:  only Tiny was in a profile position.  Teeny insisted on laying back and giving only a bird's eye view of his/her precious little face.

I followed my directions and drank a minimum of 24 oz and did NOT pee for the hour I was drinking (all the way until after the sono —approx. an hour and a half.  I'm used to tinkling every 20-30 mins during the daytime, maybe 45 mins, max!).  Little did I realize (nor did they) that, with two babies, 24 oz is very close to impossible to hold in and stay comfortable.  :(  Endo flared up very badly from an extremely full bladder, and two wiggly babies.  It was all much better after about 15 mins of emptying my bladder.

Having my sis go to that appointment with me was awesome!  She seemed so excited and it made me even more excited.  We've shared some very special moments throughout our adult-hood, but I think this one stands out the most right now...  It means so much to me that she will be playing such a huge role in us finding out the genders of our twins! :)

Before we left the doctor's office, she was handed the very special, secret, envelope... and it turned out that she didn't even open it until the next morning.  I was surprised.  I thought she would have torn it open as soon as she arrived back home.  hee hee  I've been an anxious ball of nerves.  Tuesday seemed like such an incredibly LONG day.  Now, it's Thursday night and the reveal is only ONE DAY AWAY!  Oh, the excitement has been building.  —keeping me awake throughout the nights, teasing me in my dreams, and causing my mind to be even more forgetful than usual.  I am just beyond excited for Saturday...

What are we having... Two girls?  Two boys?  One girl and one boy? . . . ooooohhhhh, we'll soon find out!!! :D

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My sis with THE envelope!!!


  1. Yay! A bunch of exciting news!!! Glad you were able to share that special moment with your sister. I cannot wait to read your page on Saturday and find out the genders of the twinkies!!! Time has flown by!!!

  2. Hi Mal! :) Yes, it sure has flown by :(. I'm hoping it slows down real soon. I want to be pregnant, and enjoy it, for as long as safely possible. (lol!)

    Will y'all be finding out the gender of your little one? Is there a date for that yet?