May 31, 2007

What a dissappointment!!

So here's the update -from the appointment:
So, May 1st, I was told that the 31st, today, was the soonest that I could be seen and then I found out that my doctor is leaving the practice (her husband is military and is being relocated).  I was sooooo heartbroken so I schedule to see her today so that she could help us out with some issues and concerns regaurding our second child.  WELL . . . I get there and wait an entire hour to find out that my appt. had been cancelled!!!!!  Oh MY!!!!  I can't even express how emotionally UPSET I was.  When I first got there to sign in, they couldn't find my chart but said that my doctor was backed up and that's probably why.  So, I have a seat and about 20 mins later, I go up and ask if they found it and how much longer my wait was going to be (Chris was at work waiting for my phone call -to tell him that the doctor is going to see me soon- so that he could drive down the road and meet me there) -I was told that only one person was ahead of me and then I would be next.  I sit for another 20 mins or so and then I hear my name called out from the lady that I checked in with, not the nurse to call me to see the doctor.  I go up there and she asks me if had called to cancel my appointment.  I tell her no and then realize that the 'worst' thing is happening . . . she then tells me that she found my chart but my appointment wasn't scheduled in the system -"It seems as though it has been cancelled."  I explain that I did not cancel the appointment; that I have been waiting allll month long to see the doctor.  I also tell her that I worked everything out to make child care arrangments and arrangments w/ my work and that it is very important that I see my doctor because I understand that she is leaving the practice in June, "This was the only appointment available so I took it even though it was an entire month's wait.  How could something like this happen?!"  She then tells me that she is sorry and she understands and that she will see what can be worked out "We'll figure a way to work this out for you Mrs. Mayfield."  So, I go and wait some more -I guess it was about another 20 mins or so and then a different lady calls my name, she was the office manager -so I knew what that meant . . .
She tells me that she is really sorry but "I understand that you were late for you appt. and Dr. ____ is running behind and there's no way to squeeze you in.  You won't be able to see her today.  The only thing we can do for you is -"you can see the nurse for you exam."  Oh, that upset me even more.  I wasn't there for a darn exam!! They had no idea what was going on.  And instead of just saying 'sorry, we messed up' -no, they make excuses and try to make it seem like all this happened because I was 15 mins late!!  I told her, "It doesn't matter that I was late.  I signed in and no one said anything other than there was someone ahead of me and then I would be next.  So, wether I showed up early, on time, or late, my appointment still wouldn't have been there.  Someone is responsible for this because I called May first and made this appointment . . ."  I just went on and on until I couldn't speak anymore -I was fighting back the tears.  To me, not seeing my doctor today was almost like being told that I can't have a child right now . . . like that opportunity was being revoked right then and there -by people that didn't seem to show any concern!!!
So, needless to say, my eyes have been super tired and blood shot from crying my heart out (several hours after it all happened and then any time I've thought or talked about it since then).  Because not only had my appt. been mysteriously cancelled, my doc couldn't squeeze me in, and the people tried to have me see the nurse for something that I wasn't even there for --- BUT I was also told that she doesn't have any more appts. available before she leaves -so I will never ever see her again!!  Now, not every one can understand how emotional that is for me -but basically she was more like my personal specialist, my friend almost.  When I was hospitalized, during my pregnancy, I was there for a total of five weeks and when she could, after her rounds or even just after her shift in the office, she would come by and chit chat and see how I was doing.  Now, how many docs do you know of that show that much care and concern towards their patients?!?  I had been looking forward to this appt. allllll month long and the nerves started last night and got so much worse today only to be hit in the face w/ a horrible mis-hap.  I was prepared for the 'worst case scenario' during the appt -not the worst case scenerio of still not knowing what we're going to do :( !!!So, it's really been a super emotional day . . . really tough for me to do what I have to .  .  . I've just wanted to go and cuddle in bed alllllll evening . . . and now that it's night time, I don't want to go lay in bed and think about everything.  Ugh, I say that I'm giving it to God and then I feel as though I have it on a bungee cord . . . I really need to just let it go and focus on what I have right in front of me.  God's been so good to me and my family.  We are blessed in so many different ways.  Chris tells me to just think about it this way: we are going to Vegas real soon; so, it's not like I want to be pregnant while in Vegas -which is 75% true.  Then he is working on meeting all the goals he needs so that he can win a Hawaii trip from his work . . .another vacation that I might not want to be pregnant during -again, pretty true.
All I know is that we are so ready for another little baby to join our family.  I think the hardest part of sitting in that waiting room for an hour was seeing all those pregnant women -it made me remember when I would go there w/ Kryssa in my tummy -so many memories that I really look forward to experiencing again . . . soon; real soon!

*Oh, so, now I have to choose another doctor to start working with.  After I make my decision, then I'll have to wait for his availability for an appointment.  I sure hope it's not another month . . .I just pray that the one that I am considering will be as caring as she was . . .

May 30, 2007

Oooh, my hubby is famous!! hee hee

 So, my hubby's Chick-fil-a adventure won him more than just some free food . . . he got some 'fame' in today's paper!! hee hee -he's sooo cute!  
Cook's Choice: More than 100 people line up for a chance to get free Chick-fil-A for a year
Web Posted: 05/29/2007 08:07 PM CDT
Chrissie Murnin
Special to the Express-News
So what could lure people to camp out for up to 24 hours in a parking lot?
Earlier this month, it was $26,000 worth of free food that attracted more than 100 people to the newest Chick-fil-A restaurant, 4715 Medical Drive.
..> ..> ..>..>

The company turns its openings into an event, giving the first 100 adults in line "free food for a year," 52 coupons for combo meals.
St. Mary's University students Joshua Cavazos and Chris Saucedo were first to arrive, pulling into the parking lot at midnight. The company's rules didn't allow them to start the line until 6 a.m.
"It was a crazy idea that we got at 11:30 p.m.," Cavazos said. He said Saucedo asked why they had to be so early. "No. 1 gets a lot of attention," Cavazos explained.
"We're college students, free food is always great. We never turn down free food!"
The line grew quickly. By 10:25 a.m. No. 83 was in place. Don Robinson, a retired naval officer, arrived on his bicycle, carrying his tent on his back. He'd been to several other openings, starting with the one on Ingram Road in 2005.
Robinson laughed as he recalled thinking "who would be a big enough fool to sit outside a restaurant for a day?" until he did the math to determine the value, 52 times $5. Not bad, he said, "Just for sitting there, and, they feed you!"
Next door, at the Washington Mutual bank, assistant manager Chris Mayfield was watching the parking lot fill. When he arrived for work at 7:45 that morning, he saw 15 tents already set up. He had considered participating, thinking he could go after work. "I had no idea there would be this many people so quickly," he said. At 10 a.m., with the line at 90, he checked with his boss and his wife, took the rest of the day off and became No. 95. Shortly after 11 a.m. the line was at 100, but kept growing as people hoped others in line would give up and leave. It proved to be a good strategy — throughout the day, several people walked away.
In addition to the prospect of moving up, Chick-fil-A offered an incentive for those with numbers over 100 to stay. For each hour in line, they got a raffle ticket for a drawing for eight more prize packages. People who didn't win those left with 10 combo meal coupons.
The rules required you to stay on the restaurant property; you couldn't leave, even to go to your car. There were roll calls at various times throughout the 24 hours. Anyone missing from the lineup was out.
After lunch (a chicken sandwich provided by the restaurant), folks started settling in. Some studied textbooks, took a nap, read or played board games or cards.
Carol Jennings, No. 26, turned the event into a family affair. Her four children, all college students, and a niece and nephew joined her. In addition to helping with a tight budget, Jennings likes the break that comes with the coupons — "All these meals that I don't have to cook."
Dinner, a chicken salad sandwich, was served at 6 p.m. The restaurant provided containers of tea and water throughout the promotion.
A DJ arrived at 8 p.m. and the fun and games began. At 8:52 p.m., another roll call. This one came with a snack, a pack of chicken nuggets. At 10:25 p.m., yet another roll call, followed by the football toss game. At 11 p.m., the DJ called it a night and the music ended.
A few minutes later it was time for the limbo competition. Two little girls, camping with their families, barely had to bend as they limboed under a rope.
After the 1:08 a.m. roll call, most people settled in their sleeping bags, chairs and tents for a few hours of sleep. A couple of guys decided to skateboard all night.
The wake-up call came at 4:40 a.m.
At 5:19, it was time to line up and put on grand opening T-shirts and paper hats. Before she left for the night, Diana Losoya announced that Chick-fil-A plans another grand opening event at a restaurant at the Rim, a shopping center at Interstate 10 north of Loop 1604 in September.
Advice on what to bring came from No. 1 Cavazos, "A tent, preferably a big one, sleeping bag, pillows, chair, sunglasses, drinks, candy, chips, TVs, DVDs, game systems — to keep us going all night."
And don't plan on sleeping, he said. "As soon as you get tired you miss the whole experience!"

Chrissie Murnin is a freelance writer who joined her son and his friends in line at Chick-fil-A. She was No. 50.
Cook's Choice appears monthly in

May 27, 2007

Is it my turn yet?!

Okay, so I haven't blogged on this subject in a while . . . I was getting on the computer to blog about this particular topic and then I get more news that adds to my topic . . .
So, as some of you know, we are trying for baby #2.  It's been almost six months now and we are going through the very same thing that we did when we tried for Kryssa . . .
Now, here's the thing:  When we were trying to conceive our first, we kept on hearing from people around us that they were expecting.  We were always super happy for everyone -we just wondered when our turn was coming.  So, a total of six conceptions happened in about a 3 month period . . . we were, finally, the seventh conception.  So, back in early April or so we found out that 'person #1' was pregnant.  Then the same week we heard about 'person #2'.  About 2 weeks later we heard about 'person #3'; then 'person #4' -last week-, and when I heard about that one, I joked w/ Chris saying, "okay, that's number four, we only have two more to go and then we will be lucky numer seven again."  Ha ha ha -well, today, I went outside, looking for Chris and my father-in-law, and our neighbor, w/ his three kids, are out chit chatting w/ Chris . . . I end up in the conversation and then he chuckles and announces "So, we just found out last night that we're expecting baby number four!". -that makes that 'person #5-  So, of course, I really am happy for them because I love pregnancies and babies/children and all -but then I realized -uh, okay, that makes how many now . . please, Lord, can we be next?!-  So, I came inside and dropped my jaw for a second while I told Chris how strange it is that it seems to be happening the same exact way as when we were trying for baby number 1 -everyone around us is getting pregnant (some planned, some not) . . . So, I was on my way to blog about that and then I get a message about 'person #6'!!!  Crazy, isn't it?!  For me it seems awfully strange . . . I am so super happy for everyone because at least I get to share that joy with people around me.  Plus, I have been handling it better w/ trying for baby #2, than when we were trying for baby #1, because, 1, I have an appt. w/ a fertility specialist this thursday so God willing I will be able to see what our options are, and, 2, we are going to Vegas in July, so, I might actually be better off not pregnant just yet . . .
Well, I'm on the phone now -but this is where we are at . . . God willing Thursday will give me some answers to all my questions.  I will post some updates when I have some . . .
*oh, so if my little theory of "lucky 7" doesn't work -I'll be okay . . . but we really are ready for baby #2 .  .  .

May 25, 2007

Darn Kitty Cats!!!

Oh, how I am sooooo bothered to think about this . . . but here it goes:
My, so-called, wonderful kitties (I don't know which one did it -so they both take the blame) chewed my lovely earbuds!!!   Oh, it makes my head spin.  Yes, I can replace them and I know I shouldn't be so bothered by materialistic things.  But, when something like that happens and there is no way to correct them from doing it again (because they are Cats and not a child:  a child, you can teach a lesson.  You tell them what they did was wrong and inappropriate and not to do it again . . . .so on . . . Not withe CATS!!!! Ugh!) . . . so, for me a pair of earbuds that are on the market for 50 dollars, that are now distroyed, is not something that I can just brush off easily.  But, I didn't attack the cats, scream, yell, or get all heated . . . I sat on the floor with the girls, for nap, like I always do.  Once they were sound asleep, I put my earbuds in and signed on to watch some episodes of reality tv . . . Then when I only hear sound out of the left earbud, I unplug and replug it in -it was then that I realized that the cats must have chewed through the wiring.  Sure enough!!!  Thankfully it only damaged the right earbud -but I still have to replace them.  Now, I am happy to say that I did not pay the full 50 dollars for them.  Gotta love!!  So, I know where to buy them again -which I am doing right now-.  But my earbuds were something that I bought w/ some of my bday money -that's what upsets me!  I have been loving them so much and now I have to spend my personal spending money on replacing something that just worked perfectly yesterday ---until those darn little kitties got to them!!!!
So, my day could be worse . . . like my poor hubby who ran out of gas on his way to work because something is up w/ the gas gauge on the focus -it doesn't show a correct reading (it might say it's empty when you just filled up and visa versa) -so he had no idea that it was really really empty . . . he had to walk in the rain to get gas  -because my phone was on vibrate when he called for my help  -oh poor thing!).  So, I have to look on the bright side --I get to do some online shopping!  BUT I don't really have much spending money and I know I'm going to find more than just the earbuds to buy . . .
R.I.P. Sony Earbuds
October '06 - May '07

It's Friday night . . .

What to do . . . where to go?!  Kryssa will be with Grandma and Grandpa until sometime tomorrow afternoon.  I want to go do something -but what?!  I still haven't seen Spiderman 3 -that sounds like a plan; but then so does Dave & Buster's for food, games, and happy hour . . .Oooh, America's Incredible Pizza Company also sounds like some fun -all you can eat, pasta, pizza, salad, dessert, soup, ice cream . . . games, go-carts, put-put . . . Hmmmm . . .
We also have a lot of little things to buy for our home improvements that we are getting started on -but what fun is that on a Friday night, baby free ? !   I mean, it actually is the best way to shop at Lowe's and all -but I want to have some Fun-Fun; you know?!  hee hee!!
Any other suggestions?

May 21, 2007

hello Monday morning . . .

I took a long nap today and I'm not really sleepy.  :(
Another week . . .
I feel like something exciting is planned for this week . . . I can't remember what we have planned -if anything at all.
Oh, we bought our flight to Vegas tonight!! yay!  It's getting closer . . .
Eeeeeeek!!! :D
*hee hee*
I'll go cuddle w/ my love and try to get some sleep now . . . nighty night.

1 mosquito, 20+ bites, 1 very frustrated Mishelly!

I don't think I've killed it yet.  It all started yesterday . . . a mosquito bite here, a mosquito bit there . . . I didn't think much of it until I couldn't even keep up w/ where I was being bitten!!  It got to the point that I sprayed myself down w/ OFF (bug repellent), just to be inside my own house!!!  How irritatingly, horribly uncomfortable is that?!?  Let me tell you . . . EXTREMELY!!!!
I tried counting them today; but I just gave up after 22!  2 on my right arm, 1 on my left arm.  4 behind my right knee, 3 on my right knee.  2 on my right upper thigh, 3 on my right mid thigh.  2 on the back of my right thigh, 1 on my beeehind!!  1 on my back and 3 on my stomach.  2 on my left thigh, 2 on my left calf.  2 on the top of my left foot, right where my sock line is and 3 along the sock line of my right foot . . . I'm sure there are some that I just can't think of right now -Oh, yeah, 1 on my right shin, 1 on my left knee . . .
I had sooo much trouble falling asleep last night.  I had to take some benadryl and, still, it took a while for me to get sleepy enough to forget about alllllll the swollen bites on my entire body. 
I had to remind myself that it's better that I got eaten up -instead of Kryssa.  That would make a rough rough couple of days of scratching and crying and fussing . . . I just cringe my teeth and scratch a bit before I spray some itch relief ointment --which doesn't last very long!
So, on the bright side - if this is as bad as today gets, then I'm up for a great day! 

May 18, 2007

How true is it?

I like this . . .
Say what you mean and be yourself because the people that mind don't matter and the people that matter don't mind.
Short and simple
 . . . yet, not always true if you think about the people that matter and mind all at the same time -out of care and concern . . .hm?!
but I still like it -it got me thinking.

A thousand piece puzzle

So, my puzzle had been coming together.  A huge gush of wind scattered a whole bunch of pieces I had worked so hard on putting together . . .
God's on my side, I know.  All this confusion is getting me to look to Him more -for Peace.  All this doubt is helping me learn to strenghthen my Faith.   My desires, my dreams, (that, at times, seem so out of reach) are pushing me to explore the "world" around me -what are all my options . . .
So many things are going on all at once . . .
I knew this year would be memorable one . .

May 17, 2007

It's sooo not fair!!!

So, Kryssa and I went out to visit with Chris (at Chick-fil-a) for a bit.  We got there at about midnight and didn't get home till about 1:30am!!  Kryssa was asleep by then, of course, but I still had to unload and put away the groceries.  I also had to clean up toys, clothes, shoes, dishes, trash, litter box, etc. . . . Well, I called Chris when I got home, around 1:30am, and he was already asleep.  Yes, he slept outdoors, in a tent and all -but how did he manage to get more sleep than I did?!?!  Ugh!!  I did so much running around, trying to make everyone happy and content, that I ended up getting the least amount of sleep.  He did have to wake up to be back in line, through the doors, by 6:30 am (while I was working on only my 3rd hour of sleep -I didn't go to bed until about 3:30am and I didn't fall alseep right away.  I haven't had to sleep w/out Chris, in our house, Ever! -we moved in in 2004; so it's been about 2 1/2 years!!  It wasn't easy falling asleep knowing that it was just me and Kryssa -w/ our kittens and puppy for 'proctection' (Well, besided God's protections -but you know what I mean, right?! As if our kitties and pup would proctect us! LOL)  Anyway, once Chris got his 'prize' he came home and slept .  .  . he got to sleep until 10am, while I had already been awake for 2 hours.  I only got about 4 hours of sleep!  -not to mention that when Chris went upstairs, he was on the phone and I didn't go back to sleep until he stopped talking, crawled into bed, cuddled up w/ me, and fell asleep -that was probably about 30 mins before I was to wake up ---and those mins. of sleep were the best out of the entire 4 hours because my mind was at ease knowing that he was right there next to me -ahhh. . . .
So, how is it fair that he is the one that wanted to camp out and sacrifice his sleep -yet, I was the one that got the least amount of sleep (restless sleep)?!   SO NOT FAIR!!  But he sure did have a blast and win some little things here and there for himself and Kryssa --not to mention, His supply of coupons for his free meals.
 So, coffee should have kicked in by now . . . but . . . mmmm, I still don't feel anything other than sleepy . . . ? . . . !

May 16, 2007

He sure loves his chicken!! LoL

I just got a phone call from my hubby . . .
He tells me that he has decided to stand in line at the new Chick-fil-a, on Medical, to win free chicken for a year (one combo meal per week).  Can you believe that?  Well, actually, most of you will be able to believe that -lol!!  I don't know why I'm so shocked -it's soooo what Chris does! lol  Um, the good news is that the first one hundred people will for sure win the free chicken and he stood in line as the 95th person -woo hoo!! He's a winner already -as long as he lasts out there till they open up tomorrow morning . . . which I know that he will! 
So, it's something like three hundred and fifty some dollars worth of free food -pretty cool for him (the bank is right next door to the chick-fil-a and he really loves to eat out for lunch time.).  I just can't believe that I will be sleeping alone tonight while he is out there for his free chicken! lol . . . Then again, at least I can sleep in bed while my poor hubby will be sleeping in a chair (hopefully my dad takes that chair to him -lol) . . . crazy man!  I don't think I would sleep outside for free chicken . . . a free baby grand/grand piano . . . probably . . .a free car . . .maybe . . . a free vacation . . . maybe . . . free body massages for a year -DEFINITELY!!! lol
So, I will be heading over there in a while to take his phone, which he happened to forget today.  I'll also be taking him some lunch, drinks, snacks and a little pillow and blanky . . . boy oh boy -I have to remind myself that this "Crazy Kosmo" (Kosmo, like Cosmo Cramer, was my little nickname for him since before we were dating) is who I fell in love with . . . there's just something about that craziness that I LOVE and adore . . .
If any one wants to go visit him and give him some company for a while . . . he would love that!
So, it's going to be a very very long day for me.  I always look forward to him coming home from work -especially after a full day of "mommy duty" . . . that won't be happening today so I have to make the best of all of this: taking care of my hubby while he stays outdoors for hours and hours and hours, taking care of Kryssa alllllll day and night and morning again, also, I will be running all the errands by myself today  (well, me and Kryssa -but no Chris . . *sniffle*)
I sure do love my Kosmo!!!