October 15, 2012

IVF #1, Day 16: finally felt a little normal

I had been laying around, in the house, since Thursday's egg retrieval. Not necessarily by choice...my body just wasn't getting back to that "normal" feeling.

Is it the whole IVF process? Is it the daily progesterone injections? Or was it needed recovery time from egg retrieval? How about all of the above!?

My back felt much better today. Almost normal again! My insides didn't feel like they were bouncing around in there, for the most part. Now my mood seemed much more sensitive and "on edge" (similar to pms).

Leaving the house, today, was actually to rescue my hubby. He had left the house to go to Lowe's, needed to stop for gas first --but he forgot his wallet. So he called me and asked to meet him down the road to give him his wallet. He asked me to go to Lowe's with him and gave me his puppy-dog eyes when I told him I had just planned to go right back home. (I had literally thrown on a bra just to leave the house...no makeup, hair not done, comfy house-shirt (with tiny holes!), and crocs! --I was NOT prepared to go to a store. ). I decided "what the heck?! It's Lowe's, I might not stand out toooo much..." Lol. So, kj and I hopped into Chris's car and headed to Lowe's. (his face lit up like like he got a shiny new toy!)

Buying a new mower at Lowe's, the only reason for going, turned into also buying some pretty flowers and a huge barrel-like planter. Oh, also a pumpkin, four ceramic flower pots, and some other random stuff. :)

We got back home and got straight to work --mow lawn and clean out flower beds. We love our lawn now, but our body's sure hate us for it. Lol

I'll be honest, this morning started off really rough. We were on each others' nerves and I was so sensitive and took any huff and puff, that came out of his mouth, as a personal insult... We haven't had a moment like that in months! I didn't even want to sit at the table with him, to eat the sausage biscuits we had made together. It was crazy.

I took a long shower and shaved my legs, while listening to K-LOVE radio, and then I took some time for myself (self-care: plucked my eyebrows --that's my "me time", lol). That was enough time for me...until he walked into the same bathroom and crowded my space. :(

Once I joined him and kj downstairs, I sat on the single seat to keep some space and gather my love and kindness, and it all passed. We both changed our attitudes and became loving towards one another again (phew!). Then came the "I forgot my wallet moment"...

I'm so glad our day got better. I'd like to think its just crazy over sensitive emotions right now due to everything we are going through, with IVF. But I know I have to take responsibility for my own thoughts and actions, too. I have to work harder right now to continue to be a loving person. (It's not always so easy.)

During the emotional roller-coaster of the day, we received our 'day 3 embryo update':

"...Your embryos look great today. All 4 are dividing and progressing as expected. We will do your embryo transfer on Tuesday at 10:00am. Please be here at 9:30. There is no anesthesia, so you can eat and drink as you normally would. You can shower, but please do not wear any perfumes or scented lotions. We are going to need you to have a full bladder for the transfer, so be drinking water as you are getting here. There is no need to be in pain or hold it all morning, just simply be drinking on your way in. Once you get here, one of us will come out and talk to you about your embryos and what we are going to transfer. ..."

So we still have four beautiful embryos!!! Praise God!! We are still so amazed.

Tonight's meds:
Progesterone injection

No new side effects --still having SERIOUS hot flashes and still super bloated; is bloating still normal at this point?

Lets see what tomorrow brings. :)

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