November 21, 2014

Why I chose to get Lasik eye surgery

I had wanted Lasik since it first came out.  I started wearing glasses when I was 7 years old, and I wore contacts for the first time at age 12.  Since 1989, I have needed a prescription in order to see and functional normally.

Sometime around 2005 or so, I tried using 'extended wear' contacts.  You know, the ones that are supposed to feel like nothing is there while you are awake and asleep... yeah right!  I still had to remove them before sleeping because I would still wake from a burning sensation and have them stuck to my eyeballs.

November 12, 2014

The last time we held hands...

I honestly can't even remember.

It's no secret that there will always be ups and downs in a marriage  --in any relationship, really.  But keeping secrets will definitely cause more downs than ups.   Lies become heart-ripping.

How much of this can a person withstand?

Only God can repair these breaks in my heart...

November 10, 2014


Life is never "perfect".  There will always be challenges.

But no matter how prepared one is for life to never be "perfect", lies hurt.

Lies destroy.

Lies betray.

Lies can only go so far...