April 30, 2009

he's TEA-rrific

Aw, as I was sitting up in our bed, on my comp, I hear a 'clank-clank' sound coming down the hall way...

Chris walks in w/ two mugs . . . he had the sweetest look on his face and handed me a cup of Passion Fruit tea. When he was downstairs, getting our bed sheets, that he washed and dried, he steamed up some water in our Kuerig and made two mugs of tea... it's a new tea that he purchased today (while he was grocery shopping w/ Kryssa, while I was at work....it just gets better and better, apparently!) :)

What a wonderful, thoughtful, hubby! -praise God!

ah, nothing like relaxing in bed w/ my hubby --sipping on some yummy hot tea...


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