April 2, 2009

She's ready. I'm not. But what's RIGHT?! --and how will I know?! :(

Can I PLEASE vent this w/out being judged?! I'd appreciate it . . .


So, we are looking up info for registering Kryssa for Kindergarten. We should have done this a lot sooner because now it feels so rushed and all of a sudden (not easy for me AT ALL!!!) But here's the thing. Now that it's really close to enrolling her for school I am starting to question whether or not I should keep her ONE more year . . . I mean, I feel that she has really benefited from NOT going to school for pre-k. AND here is the check list of what will be taught in Kindergarten --and the registration packet asks that I check what she can already do:

Can write name □ Can count to 10 □ Can count to _____ Can sing ABC song □ Knows shapes □

Knows 4 or more colors □ Can cut simple shapes □ Can hold a pencil correctly □

Can listen without interrupting when someone else is talking □

Can sit still and listen to a story for 5 – 10 minutes □ Can recognize some/all letters of the alphabet □

Understands basic safety rules □ Can be away from you for at least half a day without being upset □

Can adapt easily to change □

Uses words like “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me” □

So the ONLY one that I wouldn't be able to check w/ confidence is: Can listen without interrupting when someone else is talking □ LOL!!! (I mean, not that it's funny -but I only know a few 4 yr olds --and some younger ones too, actually!-- that can do this! ha ha. I told Chris, "why do I HAVE to send my child away for 7 hrs to learn all these things that she already knows -and has known some sine the age of TWO!?!?!

I know some of you are rolling your eyes and tisking at me for all of this "whining" that it may seem I'm doing --yet I also know some of you feel the same way after you just read the 'list' of kinder agenda!!

I checked out the first grade newsletter and schedule and I felt "now that's SCHOOL!" but then I realized that I might feel a bit bad just throwing her into all that out of no where. I'm trying to convince myself that kindergarten is the right thing for Kryssa --to 'prepare' her for first grade. I know she already knows a lot of what will be taught in the beginning of Kinder (from what I have seen and heard from others w/ kindergateners and from the kindergarteners themselves, from where I work (I've been shocked before!!)) but then I want to believe that it will be a good transition for her to go into something that she knows very well and learns classroom structure and respect for classmates, etc. --even though I KNOW that I can keep her one more year and prep her for first grade . . . i just know she is looking forward to going to school and I have to trust that by the end of the school year, she will show improvement in many areas...

I just really battle w/ this because when I say that, I contradict myself w/, "but why have to wait a whole year for her to gain that knowledge when I know she can start learning it right now . . . why make her sit through other kids learning their abc's when she has known all 26 letters def. since she was 3! She started learning her basic colors at age 2 (if not a bit sooner) --so what do the kids that already know this stuff do when the kids that don't know their colors need to learn them?! Will Kinder really challenge her enough or just be "fun"? I'm not ready to let her go for a full 7 hrs just for her to have "fun" when I can have fun WITH her and teach her at her own speed . . .


Help! I just don't know what to do about this and I feel like I have to make the decision tonight! :( Oh boy. I get so emotional and anxious about this decision . . . I feel like she MINE and that I am being MADE to seperate from her for 7 hrs for something that I can do WITH my one and only wonderful child --like someone is TAKING HER AWAY!

does anyone know how I feel? Your input pls!

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