April 30, 2009

back by (one) popular demand...

LOL! ;)

We have a garage!!! Finally! To those of you who have seen our garage, you know exactly what I'm talking about. We purchased our home in Dec. 2004 and, finally, April 2009, we have approx 4 boxes of "stuff" left --out of, oh about, the original 20!! Geez! I KNEW it was going to happen. When we moved in, it's a long story of the actual movers we hired -but needless to say, our stuff was being moved in, by US, at approx 4am!! So, Chris insisted on moving everything into the garage and then working our way through it to get it in our home. Well, I tried my very best to convince him that it would not be a good idea because it would just sit there and sit there for years! I jokingly (hoping it would not be true) said "If we put it in our garage it will sit there for 3 years!" Well, 4+ years later, we have finally done away w/ allllll the JUNK in our garage!! :D I'm . . . WE are soooooooo excited!

We have donated the majority of everything to the Medina Children's Home and then we have just been giving the rest away to anyone who wants or needs it. So, we have only one box of stuff that hasn't been touched since we moved here, in 2004. Only because it is stuff that we had on our book shelf in our previous apartment --it was built in to the wall at the entrance and had something like 7 shelves or so . . . plenty of space for all of our frames, figurines, etc. Well, we don't have where to put it -still. I'm sure if we actually looked through it, we would realize that we don't NEED the majority of that stuff. But we havne't yet . . .

Another box, well, two of them are papers and papers and papers that Chris insists on shredding -we've collected over the years. How embarasing but true. :( So, at least it is down to just two boxes. :) and we are definitely getting rid of this junk now! :D

The next task in that garage is to install the garage door opener (that we've had for over two years now . . . in its sealed box. Chris hopes to get that done this weekend -and that would be awesome. -we're just going to have to draw straws to determine who gets to park in the garage! lol

Tomorrow, at work, we are having a Snow Cone party!! :p I'mmmmm excited.

Oh, and I really need to remember to take and post a pic of my beautiful Gerber Daisy that is growing super duper tall --taller than all the others! I wish I had one of those single stem vases. That tall straight stem gerber daisy would look soooo beautiful in a skinny clear vase...

So, tomorrow is Friday, and I'm soooo ready. Although, I do have some serious work hrs to tackle, at home (well, I think I'm actually going to go to the library so that I can give my undivided attention to working on curriculum) planned for Saturday.

Okay, well, this blog is as scattered and random as my thoughts . . . ha ha ha . . . I'll try to stick to one topic next time.


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