April 11, 2009

Sleep or GTA?

I just got back from the store. I went just w/ chris (Grandpa Mayfield came over to be w/ Kryssa while we were out!!) and it was very very very nice!! I was all cuddly w/ him walking through the stores. It was so nice having a few hrs just to us. :)

We did, however, get reminded of HOW spoiled Kryssa is . . . my goodness!! I love having just one child. It would have been waaaaay too hard to have to decide what to get her for Easter if we would have had to split up that bill between 'other' children.

We went to Sea World today and had a very nice time. The weather was fantastic! Cloudy, warm and windy . . . absolutely PERFECT! We didn't ride any rides out there today -just saw shows and exhibits . . . and fed dolphins. :)

I'm soooo exhausted. I wanted to hang out on the couch and play GTA -but I'm not sure if I should sleep all I can before tomorrow, or if i should enjoy 'vacation' time w/ my family and stay up late just for fun, playing video games w/ Chris . . .


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