April 3, 2009

thank you soooo much

To everyone who posted a comment to my latest blog.  I really appreciate hearing from you! :)

I do know that she won't ONLY learn what I posted --I just wish that I could be the one to continue her education.  I know she is ready and I know she is anxious and excited to go to school.  The main main MAIN thing I think to myself is "I want to be the one to keep teaching her."  I know it's 'prep' for first grade and I did check out the current 'newsletter' (what kinder is learning right now, towards the end of the year) and I just feel that THAT is where she needs to start . . . instead of waiting to  learn all that info at the end of her first year, I wish that she could get into a class that starts at the end of Kinder (where I feel would be a continuation of where she is currently at, w/ learning) and transitions into first grade --instead of it taking an entire school year for her to get where I feel she should be right now.  does that make more sense?

so, not that I don't feel the teachers won't do a good job or she wouldn't benefit from 'socializing' or anything but more like I wish that each kid could get evaluated and placed according to where they are at --not a generalized assumption of what one 'should know or learn' at this age.  every child is different yet they are all going to be put in ONE class and learn at the assumed pace...

Oh, and the other part that is hard for me -when I say that I don't want to be away from her for 7 hrs just for her to play and socialize.  Because she goes w/ me to work and socializes w/ the after school program . . . she interacts w/ kids as young as pre-k.  Kryssa interacts w/ approx 60 kids, M-F . . . but then that is where I agree that it will be different for her to do it w/ out Mom around...

I know.  I know.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you everyone!  I truly appreciate your time and kind, encouraging, words.

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