April 28, 2009

blog no more?

I am considering putting a stop to my blogs on this site. I've joined Facebook and I find it so much more enjoyable. I think I still want to keep my blogger account though because I love being able to keep up w/ the other sites I am linked to from here . . .

it's just getting to be a little too much keeping up w/ all the different places (myspace, facebook, twitter -which I don't even use, I was just looking for an old friend-, cafemom, etc.). I've got to find just one that works well for everything...

I'll give it a bit more time before I make a final decision. Maybe I'll find that blogger meets all my needs. hee hee :)

1 comment:

  1. Ohhh don't stop! I love reading your blogs! You are one of the few other people I follow who blogs pretty regularly. I love blogging and wish I could do it everyday...but if I did I would neglect my other responsibilities. Anyway, for what its worth, I enjoy your blogs. Talk to you soon!!!