April 14, 2009

Let it begin! ... LET IT BEGIN! (rhino, from Bolt)

So, I have not much time to blog -bummer.

I have to finish bathing Kryssa, shower, be ready by 1pm. Chris will pick us up and then we will drive him back to work and then head to work (approx 45 mins from Chris's work). Phew! I'm tired already, just thinking 'bout it. ha.

I have so much to blog about and no time to 'blogit' (like it?! ha ha) . . . Oh, I guess I'll have time later -in between dinner, house work (which I'm on a roll with!!!), family time, online training assessments -which need to be finished before 6:15pm tomorrow. Seeing how I start work tomorrow at 2:15pm, that means that I really only have until about 1pm tomorrow...(blah!)

Oh how I miss 'sit time' w/ mr macbook and My Cozy Spot...

be back soon.

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