April 23, 2009

Catching up

G'morning! :)

My little 's.i.p.', ha ha stands for Self Improvement Plan (I like to make up new words, phrases, acronyms, etc. -goofy, I know! Just like my "Willpo Diet" ... lol. Stands for Willpower Diet. Not a typical "diet" at all, just self motivation for having more willpower, controlling your impulses for how much of what you should and shouldn't eat just for the sake of being healthy! :D)....so, as I was saying, my S.I.P. has been going GREAT!!! This morning I woke up at 8:26am -not as early as I would have liked but, once again, I stayed up too late! That is going to have to be next on my s.i.p. agenda. Seriously! I am just sooooo used to staying up late so that I can spend time w/ Chris. Once Kryssa goes to bed, around 10 or 10:30pm, there isn't much time for just me and Chris. So, we end up staying up until midnight or even later. Last night we were watching Marley & Me, which, btw, seems to NEVER END, and Chris fell asleep before it finished but I stayed up and watched the whole thing! It was 1am once I turned everything off and cuddled up for sleep. Geez Louise!!!!!

I do know that Kryssa needs to go to bed earlier. We normally don't get home from work until approx 7:15pm. Even yesterday, we got off at 6:15pm, instead of our usual 6:30-6:45pm, but then I stopped at a Red Box to get us some movies and then I requested a prescription. So, even though we got off earlier than usual, we still didn't get home till our usual time, 7:15pm. Chris had the table set and ready to go for our dinner (pizza -he had picked it up on his way home from work). By the time dinner was finished, it was 8pm. We sat and watched American Idol, while Kryssa watched the movie we rented for her. Chris went up around 10pm or so to put Kryssa to bed --maybe it was 9:30 when the whole routine started. Her routine includes: potty, brushing her teeth, cleaning up her room, picking something to sleep with, and story time. It was about 10:30pm once Chris got to our bedroom . . . So, I guess, if anything, maybe he could start that whole routine at 8:45pm?

Today has been wonderful! The weather is cool and breezy (a little to 'sticky' for my liking) and I'm enjoying it all w/ my windows and back door open!! Ah, how refreshing. I've been starting every morning this way -including a cup of yummy coffee (except today I had English Breakfast Tea and unfortunately I poured too much milk, half and half stuff, and I couldn't enjoy it all that much. The first half of it was yummy but then the half and half started to be all I tasted. :( I know for next time.. hee hee...)

So, I have a lot of catching up to do: work and projects, housework, and laundry -it's all washed, dried, folded, sorted...just needs to be put away now...

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