April 20, 2009

Our sidewalk is PACKED!!

Tomorrow, a 'children's home' will come by to pick up donations. Chris and I worked quickly to take out allllll the stuff we have been piling aside saying "oh, we could donate this...". So, finally, our crowded corners, of "donation stuff" are now emptied. Now, our sidewalk, on the other hand, looks like a road side store!! I'm hoping that it will all still be there for the 'pick up' and that other people driving by don't think it's a free for all!

I'm excited...

Oh, and today, we were all on a 'make a change' spree. I decided to rearrange our laundry room. ha ha. Sounds like a strange room to rearrange -but since our laundry room is long, I moved our dryer to another wall and now we have extra space to use! I love it. Chris mowed the front lawn, worked on our car (w/ our neighbor's help) and got it working again (yay!), switched my baking closet to our pantry and moved my baking stuff to our kitchen cabinets.

I've been doing laundry just about all day long and I think that I'll be waking up super early to get my day started and finish up laundry and probably even clean our floors.

I went out of town for a Leadership training -for work- last week, wed. through sat., and I was waking up at 6am every morning and our training day was starting at 7:30am -so I figured I would try to keep that kind of schedule and get my day started earlier than 11am. ha! We'll see how that works out . . .

Oh, and Kryssa is registered for Kindergarten!! wow.

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