April 20, 2009

Where's my coffee!?

It's 8:16am. I did manage to wake up at 7:36am. 36 minutes later than planned --but about 4 hrs earlier than usual. AND I always say how I think Kryssa has some kind of sensor that goes off when 'mommy' is awake. I say this because if I do happen to wake up before 10am and start my day, just minutes later, she's walking down the hallway ready to start her day. Kryssa can sleep and sleep and sleep (we are all related! ha ha). No matter what time I wake up, if it's before 10am, a few minutes after I'm up, she's up. This morning, I peeeeeeeeled my eyelids open to check the time and see how much I had slept in. It was 7:36am and as I lay my head back down on my pillow, I hear soft little footsteps coming towards my room. Kryssa comes in and says "can I lay with you mommy?...on daddy's side?" We covered up w/ the bed sheet and laid back down. Only a few mins past though before I sent her back to her room so I could wake up and start my day (what I call brushing my teeth and doing all the other little things I do before I start my day). Then she asks if she can have some breakfast. That's when I realize why she woke up soooooo early today. I sent her to bed w/ a hungry tummy! She played, instead of eating, for about 45 mins yesterday for dinner. So, after time outs and warnings, she ended up going to bed. She fell asleep really fast last night so she must have been super tired. But her hungry tummy is more than likely what woke her up this morning ...

So, I am happy that I woke up early. Now I get to work on the laundry! :) (I really am seceretly excited about that! ha ha I love the way our laundry room is now set up and it just feels wonderful when all our laundry is washed, dried, folded/hung and where it belongs. It hasn't happened in a while -so, I'm ready for a good challenge! ;)

My day will officially start in about 5 mins --when I pop in a K-cup and sniff that first sniff of French Vanilla Coffee!! mmmmmmm!

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