April 10, 2009

'ritas, travel, rides, and a movie

A lot can happen in one day...

We woke up in Austin, packed up the rest of our stuff (including the margarita cupcakes I baked at midnight last night), drove to San Antonio -stopping at Whataburger for a quick lunch-, got to our house, made icing, frosted the cupcakes, topped them w/ the little toppers, waited for 'pick-up', went to Fiesta Texas, rode a few rides, ate dinner at Red Robin (Yummo!), went to see Monsters vs. Aliens, and finally came home!!

Our vacation/time off has been so wonderful! :) We were in Austin from Sunday evening until 11am this morning. I got my super size fill of Baby Jo (and my sis and her hubby too, of course -playing video games, baking, eating out, oh and we visited Austin Park 'n Pizza -finally!...).

As much as I enjoyed hanging out w/ my sis and her family -and it went by so fast- I really am glad to be back home. :) my bed, how I've missed it!! Oh, and my cats have just been by my side anytime I have been home today --I think they've missed me.

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