April 21, 2009

ah, smirnoff and peanuts! ha!

So, this morning, I woke up later than planned. My first alarm went off at 6:30am and I think I reset it to 7am. Now, remember, I'm choosing to wake up this early just for my own personal improvement -I guess you can say. So, my second alarm went off and I did the "I'll get up in just a bit" . . . well, that "bit" turned out to be an hour and a half! :(

I got more housework done (organizing, cleaning, laundry, etc...) :) I had a great morning and afternoon here at home --Chris was home too! He didn't have to be at work until 1:45pm! :D

Now, work, a totally different story for me!!! :( Out of the approx. 55 kids that attend on a daily basis, my group, alone, was a whopping 43 kids!!! Geez!! I nearly lost my mind today! ha ha. "She said this . . . he said this . . . he did such and such . . . she did such and such . . . are we going outside? . . . do I have to . . . can I . . . no I didn't . . . he's lying . . . please don't tell my mom . . ." --so, it was quite a day. To top it off, Kryssa started whining, screaming and acting "bratty" towards the end of our work day -I was already at the end of my rope for the day and she just really really really pushed my buttons alllllll the way home. So, I got some "quiet" time (I guess you could say -not really quiet cause I could still hear her throwing those tantrums upstairs) while Chris bathed her and put her to bed. It's been a LONG day.

So, I'm sitting here, watching shows on abc.com, enjoying peanuts and a smirnoff...

Oh, I look forward to winding down and getting rest tonight.

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