April 15, 2009

Crusty Crab-Apples! (from Grumpy Bear)

So, I didn't have the time I wanted to sit and spend w/ mr macbook and my cozy spot...

After the whirlwind of a day at work and an emotional breakdown before work, trying to get my mind and heart at peace w/ what to do about Kryssa's school and my job, we nodded off at dinner, at Jim's. We, Chris and I -not Kryssa, she got a good nap in as we drove from work to daddy's work- were soooooo sleepy and exhausted. Chris has some kind of cold or crazy allergy attack. We could have literally fallen alseep sitting up at our booth. Kryssa would have been perfectly fine w/ her cloring activity and pancakes!! ha ha.

After dinner, we finally went to Petsmart and I got to by two albino cory fish that I have been wanting. They are the only fish that I have known to do a fantabulous job at cleaning my fish tank.

Then...straight home to work -again. Geez. I did as much 'sitting'/online training and testing that I could handle. I finished one section and then cleaned the cat box and put Kryssa to bed. I sent of an email to a friend and now here I am. I should be sleeping because I'll be repeating "Crusty Crab-Apples" when I have to wake up in approx. 6.5 hrs (seems like it should be enough, right? but it won't be . . . it never is!)

So, I just had to take a wee bit of time to unwind . . .

I'll be heading out for training tomorrow, right after work. I won't be back until approx. 9pm Saturday night. I'm going to miss my babies and loves (kryssa, chris, pinky, and browny) --yet, I'm going to do my best to relax when I have down time and enjoy my quiet time . . . not having to take care of any one... just me, myself, and I! :D **we'll see how I feel about it tomorrow night as I try to snuggle up in a yucky hotel bed all by myself . . . [sniffle]

Hopefully I'll have internet access while I'm there.
I'll hurry back...

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