April 3, 2009

Oh, the joys . . . (the real and the sarcastic)

I should be getting ready for work . . . today is my last day of work and then I will be off for 10 days!!! woohoo!! I only work up to 28 hrs a week so I am more woohoo-ing over the fact that Chris will be off for 9 of those 10 days!! :D We have a few things planned -some for kryssa, some for us . . .

I should have gone in early today to get all my 28 hrs this week -but my insomnia is really messing w/ my head and internal clock and when I don't HAVE to be at work until 2pm . . . a part of me just wants to get there at 2pm -no earlier. Shame on me. I know. God willing it will change once I can just relax w/ my family . . . maybe we'll finish painting the different rooms (ours and Kryssa's. oh, and the 1/2 bath downstairs) --maybe we'll clean out our garage and put up our garage door opener -finally! ha ha

Or maybe we'll just go to Austin (as already planned) to visit my sis and baby Jo . . . then visit baby Muffin . . . and then go see Monsters vs Aliens 3-D (as planned) . . . and nothing more than just "nothing"? haha. I doubt it.

Oh, our 5 yr old focus (that we've never taken care of --like flushes and 'up keep') has finally broken. Who could blame it. It didn't have loving owners. I can't stand Ford anymore. Once we definately felt that way, we just gave up on it. So, it was towed to our house last night and we are weighing out the pros and cons of Fixing the Focus or Buying a New Car. Of course, I'm ready for the car of my choice, finally. The next car purchase has been planned (since 2004 -after Chris backed up into a cement column, at North Star! LOL. The care was brand new and he gashed the bumper --then the list continued...)to be 'mine' --but if it really is worth forking out who knows how many thousands to fix the Focus (which, in my opinion, it's not) then we will set a plan to fix the car.

So, today, I'll be driving the Mazda. Between the Mazda and the Focus, I preferred the Focus --the seats are higher and it's a newer car so the shape and fit of me and the car work better for me.

I suppose I should get ready now . . . I have to leave in about 15 mins! ha! eh. It will happen.

Just one more day and then I can just "blah" doing whatever I want . . . I need to get motivated . . . let me get some coffee and pump up some music. :)

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