June 18, 2010


Our family update:

We are all sick in some way or another --I think this is the first . . . a family who plays together, gets sick together?!

KJ has a fever again and a serious ear ache.  I have a fever, swollen throat, and a burning sensation when I breathe that causes me to cough (it's a vicious cycle).  Chris, well, he described having a scratchy throat (and I've heard him coughing -so it sounds similar to how I started and felt yesterday) and extreme exhaustion.  We've literally all been lounging today (so much that it felt like a "lazy saturday").  Poor Chris did work this morning though.  He worked from 630am-1130am and then headed to his dental appointment and picked up lunch and came home.  he's been sleeping since around 6pm or so (it's already 10:00pm).  I WANT TO SLEEP TOOOOO!  :(

TTC update
I know that we decided that we weren't going to stress and focus ONLY on TTC --but seriously!!  We need to put a little more effort into it! lol  I've started to wonder if we are subconsciously avoiding, how did my friend say it last night . . . "doing the brown chicken brown cow" (as in powwchickawowwow!  LOL) because we are so busy as a family of three and we are having quiet second thoughts about trying to become a family of four?!  Geez, even typing it out seems so strange . . . A Family of FOUR...  I did, however, two days ago, order my bulk supply of hpts (home preg. tests).  It wasn't a massive bulk of 100 or anything -hee hee, just a supply of 15, I believe (enough to ease my anxiety through August or September) --and then I got one free, for whatever reason.  :)  I love free things.  My grand total was only $10.60!  Even more reason to love bulk hpts -thanks Monica!  I do still feel it's a wise decision to only keep trying through the end of August or September because we are only 2 months into TTC and I'm already finding myself getting emotional when I see little ones.  I was watching a father's day commercial (advertising some store) and there was a handsome little, maybe 5 or 6 year old, boy playing ball with his father and I just teared up and told Chris, "aw, I want us to have a son..."  Uh, I don't know how crazy I'm going to seem to others when I'm staring at their child, crying. LOL  Can you say CRAY-Z!!!  I'm still doing "okay" though . . . actually, I must say incredibly well!!!  I have not had any major endo episodes or pains!  It's been wonderful.  The little stabs I get of it every now and then is very manageable.  I still haven't needed to take any pain meds sinc January!! Praise God!! :D

Last but not least, I would like to introduce the newest blog on the block . . . mrcmayfield's blog!  Yup, that's right!  I've still got "it"!  :)  hee hee  I had this GRAND idea one night, as I was updating my blog.  I told him "You know, hun, you should create a blog about what REALLY goes through your head as I nag and blab and talk your ear off about everything.  What do you REALLY want to tell me when I complain about me tripping over your shoes, that you left in the middle of the walkway, AGAIN!!? --what really goes on in that head of yours?!"  :)  Well, after a week or two of joking back and forth (we would be having a conversation and instead of responding back in conversation to me, he would say something like "Dear blog, today . . .")  It was a fun thing to throw around back and forth.  Well, earlier this week, I open my laptop, to sign on, and what do I see?  A cloud background with "MRCMAYFIELD" as the title.  :)  Now, I have yet to see an actual post, and we are still joking around with "Dear blog . . . ".  We joke saying that a blog post of his would look something like this:
"Dear blog,

I've been asking my wife to clip my toenails and she just laughs at me. . .what's the big deal?!

I gave in.  I clipped my toenails tonight.

I left the pile of clippings right where she'll step on them in the morning (evil laugh!).

mayfield out."

  -but I KNOW we would all LOVE to read what really goes on in that mind of his --living in our world of "togetherness" . . . his view point on marriage, his chatty wife, our energetic-super-imaginative 5 year old, the sometimes messy/not so messy home, and last but not least . . . TTC!  Every single blog I have ever followed about TTC has always been the woman's point of view. 

So, pay him a visit and start "following".  Maybe when he sees how interested others really are in a "male's" point of view -he'll start posting something?!  We won't know until we try, now, will we?  ;)

Happy Friday night and have a Happy Father's Day.

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