June 10, 2010

As I learn about "blogging"

It's official.  I'm hooked.  I LOVE reading blogs!!  Blogs where real people seem real and "transparent".  I also really enjoy reading the DIY blogs, Mommy blogs, and the "think outside the box" parenting blogs.  You will notice that my "Sites I enjoy" column, on the left side of my blog, has been growing and growing --it will probably continue.

Well, I am currently reading what someone has "learned" in six months of blogging (read it here).  The first thing is that readers don't like word verification.  So, I just turned mine off.  Now, when you leave a comment, you won't have to read and type random words just to post a comment. :)

Blogging is my hobby, aside from 'gardening'.  I really enjoy it.  I'm trying to make the best of it, while also doing my best to remain real (what I look for in blogs and people).

Here's to you, Blog Readers!

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