June 2, 2010

Last Kinder event

Today is the big day.  KJ will be receiving awards and singing songs as a "so long kinder ... Hello first grade!"  Wow.  Yes, it does go by fast --too fast.  I'm so excited to be there and take it all in.  However, it's taking place in her class room!  :(  It will be packed with the 22 kindergartners, the teacher, teacher's helper, and who knows how many parents will be able to squeeeeze in...  :(  I would have loved to be able to pick a front row seat and have plenty of room for me, the little one I'll have with me, my tripod and camera, and her dad and grandparents.   Hopefully it doesn't feel too stressful and squished.

So, as KJ is prepping for summer and first grade, I am prepping to finally start school!  I'm so excited!  :D  I feel silly that I'm so excited --normally I just hear how people dread it.  I, however, am super excited because I finally feel that I'm "ready" to tackle it -along with motherhood, marriage, working at home, etc.  I know it's not going to be "a piece of cake" but I'm ready and super excited!  Thanks to my sis for helping me prep along the way (and she says that she'll continue to help me throughout my semesters!!), my mom for all the "mommy" support and encouragement, and to Chris who has FINALLY come around to supporting my decision.  :D  *so, if you have any experience in this area (going back to school 10 years after the original plan, please share!!)

I hope you enjoyed Memorial day weekend.  We haven't had a three day weekend together (no one having to work) in a very long time.  So, we were spoiled with sleeping in, family meals, and plenty of cuddle time . . . and then we were reminded all too quickly that everyone had to go back to work and school.  But "oh well!", right?  :)  Life must go on.  Summer is coming and June is already packed with events --backyard parties, bday parties, a baby shower, a wedding, playdates, field trips, etc.  phew!!  This will be our first "summer" and I'm loving it!! :D  *let's see how much I'm still "loving" it in a couple of weeks.  hee hee

Happy Wednesday to you.

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