June 27, 2010

HPT #3

I dreamt, all night, that I was taking pregnancy test after pregnancy test.  Might be what happened yesterday, or it might just be because that's all that I seem to think about these days...

I woke up and Chris and KJ were still gone —they had gone to church and I chose to stay home.  My phone was dead so I had NO clue of the time.  I had planned on taking another hpt —because of what happened yesterday.  I just need to again . . .

I couldn't find my pack of tests.  I searched everywhere I could think to look for them.  I then started to wonder if I had even purchased a bulk order of hpts —because my dreams were so crazy . . . I had to try to figure out if purchasing tests was real or part of another dream that felt all too real.

I plugged my phone in.  I see the time —two in the afternoon!  WHAT?!?!  How in the world did I manage to sleep sooooo long?!  (I guess I have to mention that I didn't go to sleep until after six in the morning.  :(  I just tossed and turned and tossed and turned.  Either yesterday really messed with my head more than I knew —or the whole TTC is starting to mess with me...

I called Chris to find out if I really purchased hpts.  He laughed and told me I did.  He probably thinks I'm losing my marbles by now.  lol  So, when I hung up, I ended up searching and finding my bag of hpts under the pillow in the guest room!  I can only imagine that KJ found herself a baggie of "fun things" to play with.  haha.  I counted them and they were all there.

I finally got around to taking a test —it was negative...again.  :(

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