June 10, 2010

following in my foot steps --NOOO!!!!

Okay, friends, please share with me how you get your child to clean their room.  Please make sure to include your child's age.  I need some encouragement (or a wake up call).

KJ, she's five (will be 6 in exactly 2 months), and just WON'T CLEAN HER ROOM!!!  Well, I mean, she will if I coach her through it one item at a time.  Chris and I have found ourselves just cleaning it for her because it just seems to drag on and on --for hours sometime.

I've tried rewards and consequences.  I haven't determined which one works "better".  I don't like being the "bad guy" but I just don't know what to do at this point.  I've organized that room, I don't know how many times, thinking "okay, it's going to work now." --and it doesn't last long.  :(

Growing up, I used to be the same exact way.  My mom and sis would just end up cleaning my mess up for me.  I used to whine, throw fits, and go HOURS with getting distracted when I was supposed to be cleaning my room.  To this day, I look at a mess and just get this creepy crawly feeling under my skin.  I don't want her to take after me.  I'm trying to intervene as best as possible. 

Please share your stories, strategies, and tricks.

Thanks so much!

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